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Is so tl gen ed_10 18 12

  1. 1. USING SOTL TO MAP THE TERRAIN OF GENERAL EDUCATION A CAMPUS STORY Lisa Hunter, John Draeger, and Susan McMillen SUNY Buffalo State ISSoTL Annual Conference Hamilton, Ontario October 26, 2012
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION SUNY Buffalo State (2010-2011 Statistics)  ~12,000 students (undergrad & grad)  > 160 undergraduate Programs  1197 full-time faculty/staff 582 part-time faculty/staff  General Education Program = Intellectual Foundations  Distribution Model  Oversight of Faculty Resides in Departments Collaboration  ISSoTL 2011  The Current SoTL Study  FIG – Faculty Interest group
  3. 3. HOW DIFFERENT IS TAKING AGENERAL EDUCATION COURSE THANTAKING A COURSE IN YOUR MAJOR? 140 115 120 100 80 66 60 40 21 11 20 0 0 0 I haven‟t taken I haven‟t taken No difference Somewhat Extremely any gen ed any courses for different different courses. my major n=213
  4. 4. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF GENERALEDUCATION?To make students morewell-rounded and 157employableTo develop skills likewriting, critical 171thinking, and speakingTo help students makeconnections outside 132their majorTo expose students tonew areas 162 0 50 100 150 n=213
  5. 5. WHAT ARE SOME OF THECHALLENGES WHEN TAKING AGENERAL EDUCATION CLASS? There are no 25 challenges I lack interest 136 I lack background 71 knowledge Class sizes are too 46 large I don‟t care as much 104 about gen ed courses 40 Other 0 50 100 150 n=213
  6. 6. I LACK INTEREST “Sometimes you feel like you‟re just taking the course because you have to take it, not „cause you actually want to” “Staying focused because sometimes they‟re not gonna be as interesting as you want them to be” “It‟s not really that intriguing or it‟s just general ed--it‟s just--it‟s not something that students look forward to” “I didn‟t care as much” “I lack motivation”
  7. 7. I LACK BACKGROUNDKNOWLEDGE “It‟s definitely a thing that you‟re not strong in” “You experience classes which are harder than your major classes” "[general education courses] required more work from me just because I had to do more studying. It wasnt like my major courses that kind of come easy to me."
  8. 8. CLASS SIZES ARE TOO LARGE “Unfamiliar faces in the classroom” “Big lecture classes are a serious downfall for me. They don‟t require attendance. It‟s based off of like three test grades. It‟s huge classes with a lot of information, no peer like interaction, no professor interaction really” “Huge classes”
  9. 9. I DON‟T CARE AS MUCH ABOUT GENED COURSES “Major courses are taken more seriously than general education courses are because you need to take it and you need to do well in order to graduate. Sometimes depending on what general education courses students take, they look at it like it‟s a joke, which shouldn‟t be” “And like you‟re not going to necessarily continue having classes with the professors in your general education classes so you don‟t need to build yourself any sort of like reputation around them? “I feel like people get stuck taking things they don‟t want to and then they don‟t try and then that lowers their GPA”
  10. 10. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BENEFITS OF TAKING A GENERAL EDUCATION CLASS THAT YOU HAVE PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED?None 33Exposes me to areas outside my 140majorHelps me make connections to my 80majorHelps me develop skills like 114writing, critical thinking, orspeaking 102Helps make me more wellrounded and employable 40Other 0 50 100 150 n=213
  11. 11. EXPOSES ME TO AREAS OUTSIDE MYMAJOR “It‟s like you‟re not just related to your own field” “I learned things that I never thought that I would learn before” “I think it‟s just you learn more about things you may not have thought you were interested in” “So I think it just kind of opens up your eyesto different things, different aspects of learning”
  12. 12. HELPS ME MAKE CONNECTIONS TOMY MAJOR “So all the general education classes I took some way or another are going to kind of help me in teaching” “Everything that I‟ve done in like my IF classes, I‟ve tried to relate it back to my art form”
  13. 13. HELPS ME DEVELOP SKILLS LIKECRITICAL THINKING, WRITING, ORSPEAKING “[a course] is based on critical thinking and so it taught me a lot of stuff that prepared me for the following semester” “You don‟t have to see on mindset always” “Look at things from different perspectives” “So it really did in a sense open me to things that I wouldn‟t have considered otherwise”
  14. 14. HELPS MAKE ME MORE WELLROUNDED AND EMPLOYABLE “We‟re gonna be interacting with different people and it helps you because then you have more in common with other people” “And it‟s like the classes, they do help you, but students don‟t see that until the end” “It does develop you for what‟s gonna happen after college or what you‟re gonna do in your career field” “Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more valuable you truly are as a person and as an asset to society”
  15. 15. OTHER Choosing a major/minor  “It also like helped me explore to see if I wanted to take a minor or not”  “I came in undeclared…so I would definitely say that that helped me kind of either lean towards a particular major or eliminate majors”  “It just helped me figure out exactly what I wanted to do” Meet new people  “Better working skills as a group”  “Made friends in other disciplines”
  16. 16. CONCLUSIONBroad Themes Collaboration Program Structure  Number of choices  Requirement details (double dip, two-prefix rule) General Education Faculty  Pedagogy  Assignments and Evaluation  Interaction with Students Students in General Education Classes  Expectations  Effort  Interest  Motivation