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K. If all of the world´s cultural heritage (sports, music, fashion, architecture, literature, painting, etc..) was contained in a time capsule, what would you include to demonstrate the legacy of your country? (by Talita S.K.Saad)

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Presentation - Brazil Time Capsule

  1. 1. K. If all of the world´s cultural heritage (sports, music, fashion,architecture, literature, painting, etc..) was contained in a timecapsule, what would you include to demonstrate the legacy of your country?
  2. 2. Football is known as the Brazilian sport. So,nothing more obvious than including a footballin a time capsule to spread Brazil’s legacy inthis sport.Brazil has already won 5 world cups and is thecountry with most titles in football.As a team sport, football represents thewillingness to help and teamwork spirit of theBrazilian people.
  3. 3. The Brazilian Carnival is considered the biggestone in the world.It is celebrated all over the country and it isthrough the costumes that one can expressand perceive the intrinsic happiness and joy ofBrazilian people.
  4. 4. The Brazilian cultural legacy wouldn’t becomplete without its main food and beveragerecipes.Because of the variety of ingredients used inthe Feijoada, it is a highly nutritious andunanimous meal, eaten by poor and richpeople.Caipirinha is made of Cachaça, Brazils mostcommon distilled alcoholic beverage.Both Caipirinha and Feijoada are usuallyenjoyed in big groups, celebrations andreunions, which also illustrates the happinessand warmth of Brazilian people.
  5. 5. Besides samba, which is a famous music stylefrom Brazil, I believe that Brazilian PopularMusic (MPB) would represent the Brazilianculture. And in the MPB matter, no one ismore representative than Elis Regina.MPB, like the Brazilian culture itself, is acombination of many traditional urban musicstyles. The Brazilian and foreign styles mixturebecomes one more time a legacy of Brazil’sheritage.Elis Regina was the biggest selling single inBrazilian music history at the time MPB wasrising and many artists have since performed inthe style.
  6. 6. Oscar Niemeyer is the most famous Brazilianarchitect. He contributed greatly to the legacyof Brazilian architecture by creating a uniquedesign for many of the most important publicbuildings in Brazil, such as the Governmentheadquarters in Brasilia, Pampulha park, andNiterói, Brasilia and Curitiba Museums.Like the Brazilian people, Niemeyer’sarchitecture expresses innovation and courage,freedom and invention.
  7. 7. Since Brazilian summer and beaches attractmany tourists and are recognized for theirbeauty, a travel guide which describes thebeaches, explains the best time of year to visitand gives tips about them would definitely be auseful item to further spread the Brazilianpassion for summer and natural resourcesrichness.
  8. 8. There is a Brazilian tradition that says that oneshould tie this wish ribbon around the wristwith 3 knots and make a wish for each of the 3knots. It is believed the 3 wishes will cometrue when the Brazilian Wish Bracelet falls offthe wrist on its own.Worn by generations and generations, thesebracelets are a symbol of faith and good luck.In summary, it represents the strongperseverance for which Brazilian people areknown for: they never give up believing intheir wishes.
  9. 9. Even though the great majority of the items I would include in atime capsule to demonstrate de cultural legacy of Brazil wasmainly “imported” from other countries, it was the Brazilianpeople´s adjustment that made them well known traditions ofBrazil.All of them demonstrate the cultural heritage of Brazil and thelegacy that should be perpetuated through time: perseverance,happiness, good humor, hospitality and natural richness.