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Talis Insight Europe 2019: Going for Gold: Faculty-based research projects at Sheffield Hallam University


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Paul Conway, Learning & Teaching Support Librarian and Julia King, Senior Learning & Teaching Support Librarian, Sheffield Hallam University

Published in: Education
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Talis Insight Europe 2019: Going for Gold: Faculty-based research projects at Sheffield Hallam University

  1. 1. have you seen the Going for Gold: Faculty-based research projects Julia King and Paul Conway
  2. 2. Going for Gold • Background • Aims • Method • Results • Conclusions • Recommendations • The Future ... George V pillar box painted gold to celebrate Jessica Ennis's gold in the heptathlon at the London Olympics 2012, Sheffield. Shimmer collection, Sheffield Hallam University.
  3. 3. Background • Reading Lists Online (RLOs) at Sheffield Hallam since 2013 • Reading lists required for each module • 20-25% of Faculty staff not engaging • Requirement to obtain evidence of student needs and awareness of reading lists
  4. 4. Going for Gold: Aims • Improve student experience by providing evidence that well structured and accessible online reading lists increases usage.
  5. 5. Preliminary research • Best practice guidelines • Reading list of month information on the TALIS website • Usage statistics of Sheffield Hallam RLOs
  6. 6. Evidence: feedback from RLO Survey December 2017 • Completed by 1207 students – ACES - 293 – D&S - 275 – HWB - 406 – SBS - 283
  7. 7. When you use your RLO, what do you find most useful? • Added notes from the lecturer e.g. 'Chapter 4 provides a good introduction to academic writing' • Items are marked essential, background or optional • Lists in sections - e.g. topics, weeks, lectures • Mixed resources e.g. as well as books there are video clips, journal articles, websites • Shorter lists - no more than 30 items Ranking 1-4 1. Not helpful, 2. Quite helpful, 3. Helpful and 4. Very helpful.
  8. 8. 1. Not all students are aware of RLO 19% (229 students of the 1207 surveyed) did not have RLOs or were not aware of them. Infographic for this?? + the student quotes 'On two modules I don't have one' 'Not all modules have them or use the RLO' Recommendation 1: Improve awareness of RLO with new starters o Include exercise in all library induction workshops where students locate the RLO for their first module o Module leader for first/early module taken by incoming students introduces students to RLO
  9. 9. 2. Students find good list structure and annotation helpful Recommendation 2: Increase annotation and revise structure of lists to make them easier to use for students.
  10. 10. 3. Students want lists earlier INFOGRAPHIC HERE for the 3 points below • 70% of students said they got their reading lists in plenty of time. • 22% said they would have preferred it sooner and 6% didn't mind when they got the list. • 2% of students told us they didn't receive their lists on time. Recommendation 3: Ensure timeliness of introducing the RLO prior to the start of a module. RLO best practice guidelines say: "ensure reading lists are ready 8 weeks in advance of a module starting to allow the Library to obtain alternative formats where necessary for students with specific accessibility or educational requirements."
  11. 11. 4. Students want more online resources on their RLOs to make it easier to get hold of resources • INFOGRAPHIC HERE for the 4 points below? e.g. speech bubbles? • 'I prefer more items that are available online' • 'The online reading lists are really useful but sometimes the books I’d like to read aren’t available online' • 'Some books are listed that there are only a few copies of and no electronic copy but it's only a big deal when it's a core book'. • 'There are some books that cannot be accessed via the library gateway. I work from home a lot so it would be useful to have all key texts downloadable from the gateway.' Recommendation 4: Increase online items on lists, especially core texts. Increase academic staff awareness of digitisation options.
  12. 12. Reading Lists / self-discovery • Reading List - provided by your module leaders and available in your Blackboard module (usually in 'Support Resources') • Self-discovery reading - enhance your knowledge by self discovering information. Search on the Library Gateway
  13. 13. Find your module RLO
  14. 14. Library Gateway
  15. 15. Going for Gold: Method Four Faculty-based pilot projects • Level 6 Business students (SBS) • Level 4 Sport students (HWB) • Blackboard Digital Teacher certificate - Distance Learners (D&S) • Computer student with learning contract (ACES)
  16. 16. Level 6 Business students • Reading list for 'Academic and Professional Excellence' module 18/19: comparison of usage statistics • In 2017/18 the list consisted of 4 items. The list was viewed 55 times and only 2 items were looked at in any depth • In 2018/19 the list consisted of 31 items. The list was viewed 144 times and 77 items were looked at in depth • The most viewed item in 2018/19 was the journal article marked as essential reading
  17. 17. Level 4 Sport students • Reading list for 'Developing Professional Skills for Physical Activity, Sport and Health' module 18/19: comparison of usage statistics • In 2017/18 the list consisted of 19 items. The list was viewed 26 times and only 4 of the items were looked at in any depth. Once on each occasion • In 2018/19 the list consisted of 49 items. The list was viewed 180 times and the items were looked at 150 times in total
  18. 18. Examples of Reading List Annotation
  19. 19. 2017/18 2018/19
  20. 20. Blackboard Digital Teacher certificate - DL students • PG Cert Professional Practice in Digital Teaching and Learning • New Libguide which complements the reading list
  21. 21. Digital Teaching and Learning Libguide
  22. 22. Reading List Tab
  23. 23. Computing student with learning contract Learning points: • Do differently - session in conjunction with disabled student support • Could show students the RLOs and ask how accessible they are • Query whether Google forms are the best medium for students with VI - look at research
  24. 24. Conclusions • Reading lists of high quality appreciated by students • Reading lists containing examples of good practice more likely to be used • Not always used to their full potential e.g. not considered as dynamic • Has to be the academics who engage students with reading lists
  25. 25. Recommendations for Faculties Ian Hudson, Beyond Obstacles Lies Our Future, degree show work Sheffield. Shimmer collection, Sheffield Hallam University. • Improve awareness of RLO with new starters • Review then promote Hallam RLO best practice guidelines to ensure that reading lists demonstrate best practice • Ensure timeliness of introducing the RLO prior to the start of a module • Increase number of online resources, especially core texts
  26. 26. The Future ... • Liaise with Disabled Student Support Team to get feedback from students with a learning contract • Automatically embed • RLOs into Blackboard • modules • Link to RLOs on opening • page Astronaut in outer space. Freepik.
  27. 27. Any questions?