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Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2017: Kim Tairi, AUT


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Published in: Education
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Talis Insight Asia-Pacific 2017: Kim Tairi, AUT

  1. 1. At the heart of the AUT
  2. 2. Aotearoa/NZ Context
  3. 3. Stage 1: Course resources Stage 2: Integration & compliance Busines s as usual Aut talis project Success Confident staff | proactive support | Best practice | enhanced student experience | kick-ass reading lists | Active copyright community of practice | Robust & Regular monitoring of copyright
  4. 4. progress
  5. 5. It won’t happen to me COPYRIGHT BREACH Everything I use is off the internet. No permission needed!
  6. 6. David Bowie for his inspirational life & art AUT Library & LEARNING SUPPORT SERVCIES staff for their willingness to take on challenges & then deliver IN PARTICULAR SANYA BAKER, SALLY PEWHAIRANGI & SHARI HEARNE for their work on TALIS Project Our project sponsor & my outgoing boss Professor Rob Allen Sally pewhairangi Finding Heroes: What is digital Literacy? Flickr Rubik's cube by Booyabazooka cc-by 2 Our cat – gerty willow stardust who I use in memes without permission. She is a cat! I am her owner. But she wouldn’t agree with my human views about ownership. KELIS songs quoted - Young fresh n new | Milkshakes To all those wonderful people who share their resources openly using creative commons and public domain licenses. Props to Peeps