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Talis Academic Adoption Presentation February 2015


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Talis Academic Adoption Presentation February 2015

  1. 1. Overview of Academic Adoption Approach
  2. 2. Deakin SCU La Trobe
  3. 3. What are you doing to engage Academics today?
  4. 4. Academic Adoption • Plan • Understand your timeframe and objectives • Clear, consistent messages
  5. 5. For Academics • Easily create and manage reading lists • Personalise lists to suit your module structure • Order books and request stock moves with one click • Lead the selection and purchase of Library material • Integrate lists into your VLE module • Harvest items for your reading list while browsing the web, including books from Amazon, blog posts, web pages, and YouTube videos
  6. 6. Talis Aspire Digitised Content • Request your digitisations directly from your reading list • Get almost instant feedback as to whether your digitisation request is going to be
  7. 7. For Students • Up-to-date module reading • Click through to full text e-resources straight from the list • Integration into Virtual Learning Environment and 
 the Library catalogue • Guidance from convenors through item annotation • Improved study experience
  8. 8. Other Benefits • Reduce repetitive effort • Don’t have to do so much typing! • Reusing bookmarks across lists • Integrate into your Module Validation systems • Show indicative reading lists on prospectus site
  9. 9. • Student satisfaction scores • At the module level - feedback for academics • At the university level - NSS in the UK • Deliver richer experiences • Digitised Content • Meet student expectations
  10. 10. University of Edinburgh
  11. 11. Plymouth University
  12. 12. Dashboard 2.0
  13. 13. Training: Train the Trainer
  14. 14. Questions