Open day 18 march 2014 lse presentation


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Open day 18 march 2014 lse presentation

  1. 1. The rapid implementation of Talis Aspire at LSE Suddenly Last Summer Michael Fake Teaching Support & Academic Liaison Manager
  2. 2. Context Conversion Advocacy Outcomes
  3. 3. Context
  4. 4. Small university 50% postgraduate, 50% international Social sciences, c.1,000 courses Library central purchasing LSE
  5. 5. In-house reading list system failing Ordering backlogs Moodle well established, but inconsistent Poor student experience Reading list problems
  6. 6. Simple user interface for editors Consistent experience for students Structured data for the Library Talis Aspire
  7. 7. Conversion
  8. 8. Slow rollouts got stuck at pilot stage Academics didn’t influence each other quickly Pressure for fast solution Goal: implement for all UG courses by October Big bang
  9. 9. Could only persuade, not demand Inputting lists from scratch still time-consuming Had to make Aspire the obvious option Decision: Library to pump-prime the system Library conversion
  10. 10. Attempt to migrate data from in-house system Data too old, too limited No structure Delayed manual conversion Data migration
  11. 11. Production line Take lists from Moodle Replicate structure and notes Guesswork! Manual conversion
  12. 12. Teaching Support Staff (4.5 FTE) Additional hours (1 FTE) Temporary staff (7 temps, April – July) Staffing
  13. 13. 4 months, 513 lists, 91,440 items Temps each added 138 items per day c.10 – 13 pence per item Library staff added c.70 items per day Conversion in numbers
  14. 14. Temps are faster than Library staff Need good quality control Need a lot of motivation Useful way of auditing VLE What did we learn?
  15. 15. Advocacy
  16. 16. Awareness of the new system: Positive potential for them and their students Commitment to use the system after conversion Orientation and training Purpose
  17. 17. Teachers and administrators Generic emails unsuccessful Individual approach much more effective Emails and notices
  18. 18. Wary of this approach initially Departmental meetings Positive response Presentations
  19. 19. 275 individual desktop training sessions Half hour orientations No group sessions Training
  20. 20. Short overview Basic information Assumption that Aspire was intuitive Guides
  21. 21. Outcomes
  22. 22. Browser problems Navigating long lists Problems
  23. 23. 93% of UG lists converted, 28% of PG Contacted all academics again - 73% handed over Handover
  24. 24. Remarkably uncontroversial 150+ lists created independently 9,000 unique hits on the first day Success
  25. 25. Convert our remaining postgraduate lists Implement DCM Next steps
  26. 26. Michael Fake Thank you