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London South Bank University Presentation - Talis Aspire Open Day 18 November 2014


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London South Bank University Presentation - Talis Aspire Open Day 18 November 2014

  1. 1. TADC @ London South Bank the brighter choice University The story so far… Alison Chojna and Malcolm Polfreman
  2. 2. Setting the scene… the brighter choice • The student experience. • Library satisfaction – NSS. • Reading materials for modules. – Low submission of reading lists. – Poor quality lists. • Talis Aspire adoption.
  3. 3. Digitisation: before TADC • Not a high priority. • Very little digitisation activity – around 100 new scans per year. • Very little promotion. • Frustrating request process. the brighter choice
  4. 4. the brighter choice Strategic aims • Great efficiency. • Scans linked to reading lists. • Weekly reading available electronically. • Overcome e-book concurrency issues. • Rapid expansion of digitisation service. • Proactive, not reactive. • Integration with VLE.
  5. 5. the brighter choice Implementation • MyiLibrary issues. • Decisions to be made: – Allow academics to upload scans? – Standalone scanning form? – What if we have the e-book? – Automatically fee pay BL? • Early adopters/soft launch.
  6. 6. Where we are now… • Moved existing users over to TADC system in August/September. • Librarians already training staff in Talis Aspire so a natural addition. • Staffing structure may not be right. • Day to day operations still carried out by just 2 people. • Insufficient kit. the brighter choice
  7. 7. the brighter choice What next? • Operational issues to overcome: – More staff to be trained. – Purchase of new equipment. • Not yet proactive – Scan chapters identified in Talis Aspire. – Single workflow for scanning / review of lists. • Weekly reading sections in VLE. • Closer collaboration with academics.
  8. 8. the brighter choice Any questions?