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Reading list talk, Ingrid Spencer - University of Leicester

An academic from the University of Leicester talks about how reading lists in Talis Aspire are used within their teaching.

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Reading list talk, Ingrid Spencer - University of Leicester

  1. 1. Reading Lists until Aug 7th
  2. 2. My  context   •  PGCE Secondary English •  Handbook had 10 pages of reading lists •  Including 300+ text fiction list •  Students on placement 2/3 year •  MA in Education: •  Lots of tutors not all in-house; cottage industry ethos needing to change •  Standardise look of programme materials •  Address ‘gaps’ in academic knowledge of some tutors (?)
  3. 3. Positives   •  Quick system to learn •  QR codes really useful •  Print out very neatly •  Ideal to send out with offer letters where subject knowledge task has been set •  Hyperlinks from VLE •  Can have ‘wishlist’ items/ video •  Library check availability/ order directly from RL •  Shared ownership*
  4. 4. Downsides?   •  300+ texts took hours •  Shared ownership doesn’t mean shared style •  Training out of house staff
  5. 5. My  lists   • staffwhoteach/readinglists
  6. 6. Any  questions?