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From Data Entry to Advocacy: Recruiting Students as Resource List Assistants - Sarah Pittaway | Talis Insight Europe 2016

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From Data Entry to Advocacy: Recruiting Students as Resource List Assistants - Sarah Pittaway | Talis Insight Europe 2016

  1. 1. Video Delivery Partner
  2. 2. From data entry to advocacy: recruiting students as Resource List Assistants Talis Insight, April 2016 Dr Sarah Pittaway Team Leader: Academic Services Library Services @ The Hive, University of Worcester #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  3. 3. Setting the scene 2015/16 is our first full year of TARL & TADC Implemented during 2014/15 Undertook data entry of all lists before handing over ownership to academics #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  4. 4. With over 1450 lists to add, we knew we had a big job ahead of us! #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  5. 5. We wanted data entry to be quick, and to roll out a completely populated system #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  6. 6. Support for data entry came in the form of student Resource List Assistants #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  7. 7. 500 hours in total for a team of students Min 5 hours per week, max 20 hours #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  8. 8. Students undertook a significant amount of data entry Lists uploaded Students Library staff 65% 35% #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  9. 9. An unexpected benefit was that students became library advocates #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  10. 10. For example #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  11. 11. We think this advocacy has had a real, tangible impact One strong advocate was from Archaeology, where we saw NSS scores rise from 3.0-3.8. Cause, correlation or coincidence? #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  12. 12. There were benefits for students as well They earned money, gained work experience, and could add to their Worcester Award #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  13. 13. “Searching for resources? I mean, pfft, it’s no problem. I know so much now!” - Resource List Assistant, post-project #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P They also gained more confidence in using library resources
  14. 14. The role was advertised to students only We received over 30 applications #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  15. 15. T e s t i n g o u r c a n d i d a t e s #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  16. 16. The work related exercise #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  17. 17. It all went well! We recruited 6 students #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  18. 18. We started with hands- on training from liaison librarians #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  19. 19. We kept a very close eye on Resource List Assistants at first #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  20. 20. But quickly gave them the freedom to work when and where they wanted #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  21. 21. ? Hiring students isn’t without its challenges #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  22. 22. It’s a leap of faith – will students’ initial enthusiasm be sustained? #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  23. 23. The additional admin can be a headache #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
  24. 24. Some students needed a lot of additional support #TalisInsight @Dr_Sarah_P
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