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Deakin Talis Aspire User Group

  1. 1. TALis aspire: Resource list management tool Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B
  2. 2. Why do we want to trial this tool? Zara and I went to an information session about 18 months ago at Monash and we really liked some of the features it displayed and thought it would be useful When the LIVE agenda was developed, Talis Aspire showed that it could be a very useful tool in this space. It is a cloud based resource management tool that Liaison Librarians could use to help academics develop resource lists for their course enhancements Once developed the lists are easily manipulated and can be organised any way the academics would like. Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B
  3. 3. Reasons To trial Talis Aspire LiVE agenda and Course enhancements (Learning, Ideas, Value, Experience) Liaison Librarians have improved communication with unit chairs and can offer valuable course enhancement services easily and quickly by monitoring unit resource lists Liaison Librarians can source useful course materials and easily and quickly drag and drops links into unit specific lists for preview by unit chairs. Unit chairs and liaison librarians save time and effort: Items saved as bookmarks can be used on multiple lists. Lists are simple to update. The unit chair or liaison librarian can import lists from citation managers or from the catalogue Teaching and learning experience is enhanced: Resource list creation provides opportunities for engagement with students. Unit chairs are able to create dynamic lists and annotate items for students. It covers everything – video, audio, image, website, podcast – from anywhere with a link. Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B
  4. 4. Reasons To trial Talis Aspire Resource List structure is flexible. Unit chairs can structure lists in whatever way best suits the course content. For example lists can be organised by semester, week, and topic or resource type. Unit chairs can assign priority to items on a list (Prescribed, Recommended or Further reading) and can add notes for students. Students can quickly see which items are essential reading Key resources become more accessible to students: Linking directly to key resources students spend more time reading items on their lists than searching for them. Unit chairs are able to gather valuable data on resource list use: An analytics dashboard shows the number of visits to a list and how many times students have clicked on links to resources. Monitor which items on the list are under used and which are used most often. Talis Aspire integrates with D2L to create comprehensive reading lists. Talis Aspire integrates with Millennium to identify any resources requiring acquisition and show real time availability. Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B
  5. 5. Issues for Deakin ERM, Encore and EDS – getting the required data to bookmark correctly to suit Deakin Equella Deakin uses Equella for our digitisation and copyright compliance. Integrating Equella and Talis or getting them to work together is an issue. Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B
  6. 6. How will the trial work We are still finalising the initial tenancy setup and ar have been testing the bookmarking tools and tweeking these to enable the best possible outcomes for everyone We will be working with liaison librarians, the Ereadings team and Faculty staff to trail the system Depending on the results of these initial units, we will widen the scope Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B
  7. 7. What are the implications for e-readings and the library? If Talis Aspire works as well as we hope, we would like to implement it for all Faculties The E-readings team will still manage the digitised material and possibly use Talis Aspire to manage the rest of the resource links Talis Aspire also have a Digital Content Management module, which could replace Equella. It has been developed for Australian copyright law and hopefully we will be able to trial this system as well soon. Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B
  8. 8. USER GROUP ISSUES Student numbers and different campuses Australian databases eg Informit Australian bookshops Exproxy Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B