Dave Puplett - Planning for success and the future - Why Talis Aspire is on our roadmap


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Dave Puplett - Planning for success and the future - Why Talis Aspire is on our roadmap

  1. 1. ! Planning!for!Success!and!the!Future: !!!Why!Talis!Aspire!is!on!our!roadmap Dave!Puplett!–!Head!of!Academic Liaison
  2. 2. ! The!University!of!Kent!is: • a!leading!UK!university • making!a!strong!international!impact • offering!an!inspiring!student!experience that!prepares!students!for!the!future • producing!innovative!world<leading research • enabling!and!valuing!innovation, enterprise!and!creativity • while!operating!in!an!effective,!efficient, sustainable!and!professional!manner !
  3. 3. ! University!of!Kent • International!focus,!multi6 campus!institution:• New!campus!at!Athens,!with!Berlin!and!Rome!in!planning !
  4. 4. ! 3!Faculties! 18!Schools! 3!Academic Centres 19,665!students (15000!UG)
  5. 5. ! Information!Services!Strategy • Environments • Resources • Empowerment • Effective!IT • Performance !
  6. 6. ! What!are!our!main!drivers? • Student!experience • Academic!engagement • Affordability • Quality • Sustainability • Scalability • Innovation
  7. 7. ! How!do!we!plan? • University!mission,!institutional!and!departmental Strategies,!identifying!drivers,!agreeing!where!we want!to!be,!working!out!possible!projects,!and!give it!a!whirl. ! • In!practice!we!need!a!tool!to!help,!and!we!use Roadmaps. • These!give!us!an!ability!to!look!well!into!the!future and!see!a!bigger!picture
  8. 8. ! Resources!roadmaps • Information!Services!uses!a!wide!range!of!roadmaps to!plan!our!activities.!The!Library!Collections!team have!focused!on!the!following: ! • Digital!scholarship • Digital!faculties • Digital!resource!discovery • Physical!resources
  9. 9. ! Digital!Faculties!Roadmap 2012 2013 2014 2015 Be t t e r !!N S S Be t t e r N S S Be t t e r !!N S S Be t t e r N S S s cor e s cor e s cor e s cor e S e llfIs uffi ci e nt !!lle a r n e r s !!a bl e !!t o! us e !!t he iir !!s k iilllls !!t o! e nh a nce !!e mplloy a b i lliit y S e fIs uffi ci e n t e a r n e r s a bl e t o! us e t he r s k s t o! e nh a n ce e mp oy a bi t y Ou t come s Ou t come s D e lliiv e r y !!of! t h e !!r iig ht !!r e s our ce s !!iin!!t he !!r iig h t !!for ma t !!t o! t he !!r iig ht !!p e r s on !!a t !!t he !!r iig h t !!t iime D e v e r y of! t he r g ht r e s ou r ce s n t he r g h t for ma t t o! t he r g h t p e r s on a t t he r g ht t me E n g a g e d! a nd !!s us t a iina b l e !!col lle ct iion! ma na g e me n t E n g a g e d! a nd s us t a na bl e col e ct on! ma na g e me n t Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Jul!Aug Oct!Nov Jan!Feb T o! iimp r ov e !!t he !!s t ud e nt !!e xpe r iieOct!Nov t h e !!lliigJan!Feb n g iinApr!Mayct a t iion Jul!Aug T o! mpr ov e t he s t ude nt e xpe r ence !!iin! t he ght !!of! cha ng ng !!e xp e ct a t ons Apr!May Jul!Aug nce n! ht of! cha g e xp e s Oct!Nov Jan!Feb Apr!May Sep Dec Mar Jun Sep Dec Mar Jun Sep Dec Mar Jun E n s ur e !!e qu i t a bl e !!a cce s s !!for !!a !!d iiv e r s e !!us e r !!commun iit y E n s ur e e qui t a bl e a cce s s for a d v e r s e u s e r commun t y D r iiv e r s Dr v ers E mp lloy a bi lliit y !!I! e na blliing !!s t ud e n t s !!t o! b e come !!s e llfIs u ffi ci e n t !!iin !!fi n d i n g !!a n d! e v a llu a t iing E mp oy a bi t y I! e na b ng s t ud e n t s t o! b e come s e fIs u ffi ci e n t n fi n di n g a n d! e v a ua t ng iin for ma t iion n for ma t on Onl iine !!s u ppor t !!a nd ! e nq uiir y Onl ne s u ppor t a nd! e nqu r y s e r v iice s s e r v ce s D iig iit a ll!!lliit e r a cy D g ta t e r a cy E Ibook s !!on! mob i lle !!de v iice s !!/ !!iin v e s t iig a t iin g !!cont e nt Il oa d e d !!de v iice s E Ib ook s on! mobi e d e v ce s / n v e s t g a t n g cont e nt Il oa de d de v ce s Col lle ct iion ! de v e llopme nt !!s t r a t e g y Col e ct on! d e v e opme n t s t r a t e g y A ct iiv iit y A ct v t y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! IIma g e !!lliib r a r y !!r e v iie w ma g e b r a r y r e v e w P 1 1 0 9 !!Loa n !!p e r iiods !!r e v iie w P 1 1 0 9 Loa n pe r ods r e v e w Ci r cul a t iion ! r e v iie w / d y n a mi c! lloa n!!p e r iiod s Ci r cul a t on! r e v e w / d y n a mi c! oa n p e r od s V iir t u a ll!!iindu ct iion V r t u a ndu ct on CLA !!s ca nn i ng !!r e v iie w CLA s ca n ni ng r e v e w Re a d iin g !!Li s t s !!a t !!M e dw a y Re a d ng Li s t s a t M e d w a y06/02/2013 Information!Services IS!programme/aim
  10. 10. ! ShelfReady!Strategy • An!umbrella!strategy!that!governs!several!individual projects • Faster!ordertoshelf!process!using!shelf!ready suppliers • Optimising!our!ordering!process,!from!identifying academic!need!through!to!fulfilment • Unified!classification!scheme ! • Process!mapping • Release!staff!time !
  11. 11. ! Why!Aspire!fits!our!approach • Aspire!a!good!match!therefore!for!our approach!and!our!identified!priorities!and drivers. • Streamlining!of!processes • Power!to!staff!and!students,!re=balancing responsibilities!between!Schools!and Information!Services • Sharing!of!knowledge!in!the!form!of!reading lists
  12. 12. ! Academic!Engagement • We!have!had!a!few!different!Reading!List systems!over!the!years § One!step!up!from!paper<based § Poor!user!experience § Static!feel § Closed § No!systems!integration ! !
  13. 13. ! Making!it!happen
  14. 14. ! Reading!Lists!@!Kent!Project
  15. 15. ! Where!are!we!now,!and!where!do!we!want!to!go !next?
  16. 16. ! Academic!Liaison!Champion • Academic!Liaison!Services!has!three!team!leaders, one!with!a!strategic!focus!on!Learning!and!Teaching Support. • This!person!will!continue!to!represent!the!needs!of users!of!the!system!in!developing!our!installation and!the!service!it!provides. • Monitor!take@up,!provide!support,!ensuring!we maximise!the!implementation!and!integration!with systems!such!as!Moodle.
  17. 17. ! Talis !Aspire!Digitised!Content Talis!Aspire!Digitised!Content • Development!partner ! • Same!aspirations…
  18. 18. ! Multiple!Installations • University!of!Kent!students!experience!a!range!of services!and!facilities!across!the!different!campuses. • Aspire!has!given!Canterbury!students!a!good!and popular!service. • We!have!nearly!3000!students!at!Medway!C!can Aspire!be!set!up!to!handle!the!unique!Universities at!Medway!setCup? !
  19. 19. ! ! ! Drill!Hall!Library,! Medway!Campus
  20. 20. ! Universities!at!Medway • University!of!Kent • University!of!Greenwich • Canterbury!Christchurch ! • Medway!catalogue!hosted!at!Greenwich!(different to!Kent) • Kent!electronic!holdings!only!available!on!Kent catalogue
  21. 21. ! Other!ideas • Resource!Discovery • Revisiting!those!process!maps • Plugins • Can!we!use!the!Aspire!data!to!do!anything!clever? • Using!online!tools!to!keep!services!running!during…
  22. 22. ! Thankyou ! Thankyou!