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A University View - Ben Wynne - University of Leicester

Ben gives us an overview of where reading lists fit into the University's overall strategy.

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A University View - Ben Wynne - University of Leicester

  1. 1. A university view – our strategic context & Talis Aspire Ben Wynne Deputy University Librarian University of Leicester
  2. 2. Overview   •  A  bit  about  us   •  Strategic  context   •  Where  do  reading/resource  lists  (Talis  Aspire)  fit?  
  3. 3. About us •  22,000  students,  of  which  …   •  8,276  PGT  and  almost  2,000  PGR  (46%)   •  8,000  Distance  learning  students   •  14th  in  the  Times  Higher  Educa0on  Table  of  tables   •  TuiOon  fees  are  43%  of  income   •  Over  2,600  modules/module  runs  
  4. 4. What  maQers   •  Mission   –  The  University  of  Leicester  is  a  leading  UK   university  commiQed  to  internaOonal  excellence   through  the  creaOon  of  world  changing  research   and  high  quality,  inspiraOonal  teaching  within  an   inclusive  academic  culture.  
  5. 5. Learning  &  teaching  strategy   •  Includes  …   •  be  recognised  naOonally  and  internaOonally  for   providing  a  student  learning  experience  of  the   highest  quality     •  provide  our  graduates  with  the  skill-­‐sets  and  ethos  to   make  them  a  stand-­‐out  choice  for  employers  
  6. 6. Some  influences  on  strategy   •  Very  compeOOve  jobs  market  for  students   •  Changes  to  government  funding   •  Student  as  customer  –  who  is  under  financial  pressure   •  CompeOOon  –  for  students,  for  research  income   •  Digital  environment  –  opportuniOes  &  costs   •  AmbiOon  
  7. 7. Some  responses     •  On-­‐going  investment  in  faciliOes   •  Finding  new  markets  –  more  diverse  course  offerings,  more   internaOonal  students,  more  professional  development   •  Changes  to  curricula,  course  design  &  approaches  to  teaching   •  Increasing  operaOonal  efficiency   •  Greater  collaboraOon  between  academics,  librarians,  other   professional  services  to  enhance  and  manage  the  learning   environment  for  students  
  8. 8. A  key  Library  responsibility  …   •  To  enhance  students’  and  researchers’  capacity  to   use  informaOon  effecOvely  for  scholarship  and   employment  
  9. 9. Reading/resource  list  and  …   •  Student  experience   •  Learning  &  aQainment   •  Value  for  money  …   •  InsOtuOonal  asset  
  10. 10. Student  experience   •  A  student  who  had  a  readinglists@Leicester  list  for   one  module  was  finding  it  useful  as  it  allowed  her   easy  access  to  resources  such  as  eBooks  and  an  at  a   glance  check  to  see  if  books  were  in  the  Library.     •  Two  students  urged  that  academic  staff  start  to  use   Readinglists@leicester  which  they  had  seen   elsewhere  in  other  modules.      
  11. 11. Learning  &  aQainment   •  “We  have  ..  found  that  there  has  been  a  dramaOc   reducOon  in  the  number  of  emails  from  students   struggling  to  find  readings,  we  can  monitor  what   they  are  reading,  the  library  knows  what  is  in   demand,  and  staff  are  confident  that  students  have   no  excuses  …    From  what  we  can  tell  in  their   assessments  students  appear  to  be  reading  more.”  
  12. 12. Reading  list  as  acOvely  managed  asset   •  Visibility   •  Flexibility   •  Accessibility   •  Accountability