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Developing a National Support Infrastructure for Learning Analytics at JISC


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Niall Sclater, Consultant to JISC, speaks at Talis Insight 2015

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Developing a National Support Infrastructure for Learning Analytics at JISC

  1. 1. Niall Sclater Talis Insight, Birmingham, 15 Apr 2015 Developing a national support infrastructure for Learning Analytics
  2. 2. Available from: from Effective learning analytics blog:
  3. 3. Variety of institutions University of Edinburgh Bridgwater College
  4. 4. Variety of motivations » Enhancing the student learning experience » Improving retention » Providing students with better information on their progress » Providing data on foreign student attendance to UK government » Improving National Student Survey scores » Enhancing teaching » Building better relationships between students and staff » Providing additional support to under- achieving groups
  5. 5. Architecture
  6. 6. Student ID Chem101, Phys102 … A-Level Maths result: D
  7. 7. Brian viewed introductory video Helen completed final quiz James commented on Susan’s blog Actor + Verb + Object
  8. 8. John visited library at 16:12 Jenny borrowed book ISBN 978-1-47122
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  11. 11. 100101 100101
  12. 12. Dashboards
  13. 13. Thanks to: Mike Day, Nottingham Trent University Developed by external company
  14. 14. Student engagement rating - cumulative Nottingham Trent University
  15. 15. Student engagement rating – week-week Nottingham Trent University
  16. 16. Tutor Notes Arranged to see [student] as attendance was poor. We had an open and honest discussion about this and I explained to him the relationship between attendance and success! We talked about the barriers to his attendance, which related to too many late nights! Will meet again to review his attendance [tutor name] Nottingham Trent University
  17. 17. 100101
  18. 18. Student app
  19. 19. » How engaged am I? » Compare my engagement » How am I progressing? » Compare my progress » My assessments » My career aspirations » Plan my career path » My competencies » My emotional state » Why I didn’t attend » …etc
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  21. 21. Ethical and legal issues
  22. 22. Available from: from Effective learning analytics blog:
  23. 23. List of issues distilled to 86 separate issues in nine areas: Taxonomy of ethical, legal and logistical issues Area Example issue Question 1. Validity Validation of algorithms and metrics How does an organisation validate its algorithms and metrics? 2. Ownership and control Control of analytics processes Who in the institution decides how analytics are to be created and used? 3. Awareness Student awareness of data collection What should students be told about the data that is being collected about them? 4. Consent and opting out Right to opt out Does a student have the right to opt out of data collection and analysis of their learning activities? Jisc Effective Learning Analytics blog:
  24. 24. Area Example issue Question 5. Student access Student access to their data To what extent should students be able to access the data held about them? 6. Privacy Access to employers Under what circumstances would it be appropriate to give employers access to analytics on students? 7. Action Triage How does an institution allocate resources for learning analytics appropriately for learners with different requirements? 8. Adverse impact Oversimplification How can institutions avoid overly simplistic metrics and decision making which ignore personal circumstances? 9. Stewardship Right to be forgotten Can all data regarding an individual except that necessary for statutory purposes be deleted?
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  26. 26. UK Learning Analytics Network Next event: Edinburgh, 8th May
  27. 27. Effective learning analytics blog: Jiscmail list: @sclater