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The New Digital Customer Journey


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Clair will discuss how digital marketing has revolutionised the world of business and recruitment, but why do we still use old techniques to market to them?
Clair will review the digital journey of today’s candidates and clients and learn how you can adopt your marketing strategy for maximum impact

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The New Digital Customer Journey

  1. 1. © 2016 Broadbean The New Customer Candidate Journey Clair Bush, Marketing Director at Broadbean
  2. 2. Relationship Marketing: Building Good Relationships to Benefit a Service Sector Organisation By Clair Bush, 1998
  3. 3. The Evolution of the Desk
  4. 4. The traditional customer journey impulse habitualresearch Source: Microsoft/Carat 2011
  5. 5. Today’s customer journey…
  6. 6. & the Jobseekers Journey… View an advert in the local press Watch spoof video on mobile Download Job Board App Watch video content on You Tube Visit your office for a networking session / interview Read reviews on Glassdoor Liked your page / clients page on FacebookViewed a You Tube Ad Applied for job via mobile Posted a comment on your blog Posted experience on Yelp, Hire Scores or Recruiter Review Read something on the blog Phoned in to talk to a Recruiter Watched THAT video Subliminally saw your logo on a job board Looked on your website
  8. 8. How do we engage through all that noise?
  9. 9. Better still, how can we connect for the long term?
  10. 10. Moments of truth marketing… Source: Google Squared Course 2014
  11. 11. The Theory…. When Applied to Recruitment 1. Stimulus occurs when you post the job advert… everywhere where relevant 2. Zero Moment of Truth occurs when the Candidate decides to apply for a job 3. First Moment of Truth is when the Candidate receives an invitation to interview and researches the client to see if the opportunity fits 4. Second Moment of Truth occurs when the Candidate walks into their new office 5. Ultimate Moment of Truth is the time the Candidate takes to give feedback on the Recruiter, Agency and the Experience they have had
  12. 12. “A candidate will check with 14.5 sources before deciding to apply.” • Source:
  13. 13. Create some noise…
  14. 14. Make it easy for Candidates & Clients to get in touch…
  15. 15. Make every experience personal…
  16. 16. The Blueprint to Effective Marketing (Mapping your activity to the New Customer Journey)
  17. 17. Map out your activity
  18. 18. But then strip it back & focus! • CREATE A CAMPAIGN PLAN, designed around a specific goal • SELECT THE RIGHT CHANNELS, that will help you create noise in the right place, at the right time • SET YOUR BUDGETS & TIMEFRAMES • CHECK THE DATA, to measure effectiveness • Go, Go, Go! • MEASURE, ADJUST & REPEAT
  19. 19. © 2016 Broadbean Thank You! Clair Bush, Marketing Director at Broadbean | @ClairBush | @BroadbeanEMEA | in/ClairBush