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Martin luther king poem


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Martin luther king poem

  1. 1. Martin Luther King poem. Marching with manysupporters for hours and hours Arrested in 1963 for courageously taking a stand against inequality Rights! Martin Luther King stood up for his rights Terrific speeches which caught the attention ofmillions Integration was important as he fought for equality for black people Never ever ever stoppedand was truly determined! Loving and kind family man of 4 children Unconstitutional laws were recognised by Martin Luther King standing up for his rights Triumph and success were always gained through his peaceful protest Helped others around him fight for what they believed in Equality was a main factor Martin Luther King fought for Respected figure of black history Killed on 4th of April 1968 I have a dream is a very famous speech given on August 28 1963 by Martin Luther King about his dream of non-racist America North ,east, south and west every part of America he dreamed of having equal rights Gaining much successas part of the civil rights movement and becoming an important role in black history.