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Social Media and Recruiting

A presentation first given in September, 2011 that overviews the role of social m

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Social Media and Recruiting

  2. 2. Agenda: The Big Picture Social Media and Recruiting Case Study Wrap-up and Q&A
  3. 3. The Big Picture
  4. 4. Activity on Facebook• In the US, there are 149M active Facebook users, 70% log in once a day• By 2012, half of the world’s Internet users, 1 billion people, will have a Facebook account• Average user is connected to 130 friends• Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups, and events• More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) are shared each month.Twitter• Twitter page views now dwarf CNN, FoxNews, and NYTimes… COMBINED• Total Twitter posts hit 10 billion in May
  5. 5. COPYRIGHT 2011
  6. 6. THREE SOCIAL MEDIA CONCEPTS The Wisdom of Crowds › The Long Tail Network Effects: Strong, Weak, Potential Ties TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  7. 7. Social Media and Recruiting
  9. 9. WHAT SOLID RECRUITING IS ABOUT  Finding top talent where they live their lives  Building relationships that matter  Providing people with a better opportunity than they have today  Getting other people to do your recruiting for you TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  10. 10. BEST SOURCES Top candidates most often come from:  Temp to Perm  Employee Referral  Internal Moves What is in common? All include a component of real life work experience ... a "Social Assessment" TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  11. 11. SOCIAL TECH AND ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES  People today live in social digital environments: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  People are comfortable using these services  Online relationships are often easier than real life  Targeted content has never been easier…or more important  Very easy today to get the real scoop on companies… and candidates  The ability to leverage other people‟s networks provides huge potential TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  12. 12. USE OF SOCIAL RECRUITING TODAY August 2011 survey of 506 organizations: ›  41% indicate the use of social networking tools as part of recruitment efforts  28% plan to start using them in the coming year TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  13. 13. USE OF SOCIAL RECRUITING TODAY 90% 80% 80% 70% 67% 61% 60% 50% 40% 30% 22% 20% 10% 0% Organization Recruiters trained on Social networking is Success metrics maintains a company use of social a critical part of defined for use of profile on social networking tools recruitment strategy social networking networking sites tools TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  14. 14. Case Study
  15. 15. CASE STUDY: INTRODUCTION Health Care System in WI & MN (rural) 12,000 Employees 75 locations Approximately 1,500 hires per year Mike Schmidt, Director of Recruitment, Ministry Health Care Recruiting Team of 14 - 5 Patient Care (Nursing, not doctors) - 5 Various Specialty Areas - 3 “Hospitality” - 1 Metrics and Reporting Analyst - Taleo TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  16. 16. CASE STUDY: HOW IT ALL STARTED  Recruiting Director was on MHC‟s Social Media Policy team.  Spent 6 Months, weekly meetings, to formulate and deliver policy around Social Media.  Nationally recognized policy for Social Media  Connected with Will Weider - MHC CIO TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  17. 17. CASE STUDY: THE ORIGINAL PLAN  Make someone a “Social Media Person.”  Create a Facebook Fan Page for MHC Careers.  Create a standard for recruiter specific Professional Pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Train the team using 1-on-1 methods.  Assign metric driven tasks – daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly.  Get everyone “on board” with the Social Media Plan. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  18. 18. CASE STUDY: FACEBOOK ASSIGNMENTS  Login to Facebook Daily  Post a minimum of 1 status update.  “Friend” at least 6 people / week.  Update the Ministry Careers Facebook page at least once / week  Spend at least 25 mins / week researching FB content and Groups  Join 1 Facebook group per week that is related to your recruiting discipline.  Post weekly information within each groupGOAL joined – new and oldHire 1 person through FB  Send relevant openings to groups as soonNetworking within 6 months as reqs are received/posted. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  19. 19. CASE STUDY: LINKEDIN ASSIGNMENTS  Login to LinkedIn Daily  Invite at least 6 people / week to join your network  Spend at least 25 mins / week researching groups  Join at least 1 group / week (average)  Start at least 1 discussion / week / group joined  Post relevant jobs to groups as you join and for every new job gainedGOALSGain four connections / week.  Deliver a Network Update at least 5 timesHire one person through per weekLinkedIn per quarter. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  20. 20. CASE STUDY: TWITTER ASSIGNMENTS  Connect to your Facebook/LinkedIn account  Tweet daily, which will update Facebook and LinkedIn  Input at least 1 #hashtag, related to each tweet, per day.  Updates should take about 10 minutes per week TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  21. 21. CASE STUDY: WEEKLY TIME SPENT 1 hour / week at a minimum dedicated to Social Media: - 25 minutes - Facebook - 25 minutes - LinkedIn - 10 minutes - Twitter “So you are going to PAY me to „Screw Around‟ on Facebook & LinkedIn for an hour per week?” - MHC Recruiter TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  22. 22. CASE STUDY: SIX-MONTH REVIEW  Get rid of Twitter!  Improve the Facebook Fan Page  Revise the friending & connection goals.  Add in YouTube! TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  23. 23. CASE STUDY: NEW ASSIGNMENTS  Provide timely and fresh updates to Facebook and LinkedIn  Connect with/Friend 2-3 people per week in a combination of the LinkedIn/Facebook Sites  Increase your total connections by at least 35 for the quarter.  Spend at least 50 minutes per week researching Facebook and/or LinkedIn content/groups  Friend/connect with new hires to assistGOALS in building your network within that skillHire at least one person you discipline.are connected with throughFB or LinkedIn per quarter. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  24. 24. CASE STUDY: THE YOUTUBE IDEA A vendor pitched “newscaster” › type videos of job postings › Talking head to “professionally” promote jobs through video › Thousands of $$ to create video › Time to produce videos › More money to advertise/post
  25. 25. CASE STUDY: YOUTUBE ON A BUDGET  Make our own?  Went to MHC Marketing for production + storage.  Buy Flipcams at only ~$125  Store on - Embed within Job Postings - Integrate with Taleo ATS TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  26. 26. CASE STUDY: NEW YOUTUBE ASSIGNMENTS  Carry your Flipcam with you at all times  Record worthwhile videos of 30 seconds to 1 minute and send for editing and updating to the MHC Careers YouTube site  Post 1 video per month embedded in a job posting  Post 1 video to your micro site per quarter  Create and post 1 Recruiter Video promoting your area of specialty. Use this video in job postings and/or the MHC Careers page as applicable. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  28. 28. CASE STUDY: RESULTS AFTER 10 MONTHS  Team is creating small group discussions and learning sessions  Recurring agenda item on weekly calls  Success stories are prevalent  Employees of MHC are delivering feedback and praise  YouTube “Buzz” is big! TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  29. 29. THE PLAN REVISION – DECEMBER 2011FACEBOOK FAN PAGE  Each MHC Recruitment Team member will be assigned 4 non-consecutive weeks within the calendar year.  Login daily to assure content is relevant and updated.  Add at least 3 pieces of postable content.  Add at least 1 YouTube video. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  30. 30. CASE STUDY: ADJUSTMENTS AFTER 12 MONTHS  Goal – get people to “Like” our page within your week(s).  Tally will be kept and a score – total number of “Likes” - will be calculated for your 4 weeks.  Prizes will be delivered to top “Like” getters at mid year and the completion of the calendar year.  As a team add 60 fans per quarter – 5 per team member. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  32. 32. CASE STUDY: WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA HAS DONE FOR MHC  Reduced “Advertising Spend” by 18%  47 hires directly related to Social Media  250+ hires that now follow on Facebook  100+ YouTube videos  5,051 YouTube views  One of the videos has been watched 500+ times! TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  33. 33. CASE STUDY: WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA HAS DONE FOR MHC  Specific Candidate Networks – Facebook/LinkedIn  Nursing = 2000+  Pharmacy = 431  Rehabilitation = 655  Emergency Medical Services = 1105  Executive = 939 TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  34. 34. CASE STUDY: MIKE SCHMIDT‟S MHC “WORDS OF WISDOM”  Social Media Corporate  Continually gain team Policy? feedback and allow change based on future needs.  Have a goal & communicate your goal.  Make it a team effort and promote “success stories.”  Write out “assignments” and assure all know the  Make the assignments details and expectations. “Make Sense.”  Designate a “Social Media  Continue to add and Person” on your team – change! Let that person do the research and invent. TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  35. 35. Summary and How to Begin
  36. 36. THREE SOCIAL MEDIA CONCEPTS The Wisdom of Crowds  Social content creation across the entire recruiting team Long Tail  Videos/content will range from popular hits to low-volume – but any could net a great candidate Network Effects: Strong, Weak, Potential Ties  Connections, Fans, Likes, Re-Tweets – leverage the network effects! TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  37. 37. HOW TO BEGIN: QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF  What are your goals? Realistic goals?  Who is your audience?  Why use any particular tool?  How will people use the content you create and post?  How often will you interact or update the information?  What resources do you have? How much time can they spend? TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  38. 38. Q&A and @TaleoResearch
  39. 39. APPENDIX: TWITTER TIPS Start with what you know. If you dont use Twitter › yourself, dont start with tweeting your jobs. You dont understand twitter yet. Twitter tips: ›  Use hashtags: #job, #jobpost, #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #car eer, #staffing  Feed to twitter vs. manual vs. scheduled manual (Tweetdeck)  Host a weekly online Twitter chat TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  40. 40. APPENDIX: LEGALITY OF SOCIAL MEDIA SCREENING Taleo Summary Report: “Social Network Recruiting: Managing Compliance Issues” issues Taleo partner TalentWise held a webinar in late August 2011 on this subject of: “Social Media Screening: What you Need to Know to Ensure Compliance” The recording is available here: A transcript of the Q&A is also valuable: need-know-ensure-compliance TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  41. 41. APPENDIX: TALEO + LINKEDIN +#1 in Talent Acquisition #1 Professional Network › Reduce the time to apply, while increasing quality talent pools › Improve recruiter productivity with instant access to candidates’ LinkedIn profiles within Taleo › Ensure candidate information is current, especially for passive candidates TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  42. 42. APPENDIX: TALEO + LINKEDIN LinkedIn Preview - Access to LinkedIn profiles from Taleo -- Instant access to up-to-date candidate information -- Makes candidate databases more valuable -- Included with Taleo Recruiting TALENT INTELLIGENCE
  43. 43. APPENDIX: TALEO + LINKEDIN Profile Upload – Fill out application with information from LinkedIn or Universal Profile -- Improves candidate experience -- Removes friction from application process -- Reduces drop-off to expand candidate pools TALENT INTELLIGENCE