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Mobile Learning – Who, Where, When, What, Why, and How!                                       Training 2012, Atlanta, 2/13...
ADDITIONAL RESOURCESTry Mobile Learning Yourself       GetAbstract – download the GetAbstract iPhone/iPad app, or visit h...
Mobile Learning Blogs to Follow      mLearning Trends --      mLearnopedia -- http:...
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Mobile Learning Handout - Key Points and Resources


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Handout that accompanied the presentation "Mobile Learning -- Who, Where, When, What, Why, and How!" delivered by Thomas Stone at the Training 2012 conference in Atlanta on February 13, 2012. The handouts includes key points from the presentation and two pages of curated resources on the topic.

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Mobile Learning Handout - Key Points and Resources

  1. 1. Mobile Learning – Who, Where, When, What, Why, and How! Training 2012, Atlanta, 2/13/2012 Thomas Stone Senior Research Analyst, Taleo Twitter = @ThomasStone, @TaleoResearch Where?Audience characteristics: Any “stolen moments” of time:  Mobile job environment  Waiting at the airport  Comfort with smart phones  On the plane or train or subway  Very busy work schedules  In the car (esp. if audio only)  Learn when convenient  In line at the post office  Require targeted and distilled info  In the Dr’s waiting room  Want smaller chunks of learning content  … others?  Seek just-in-time learning  Have a range of devices Performance support use-cases:  Require support & learning on the job  Sales  Field engineersMost common in enterprises today:  Repair technicians  Sales  Medical workers  Executive and other leadership  … almost anyone!  Field engineersWhen? What?The Five Moments of Learning Need (Conrad Gottfredsen) Formal learning:  Learning basics for the first time  Courses to replace ILT/e-Learning  Learning more (intermediate / advanced)  Book abstracts  Remembering and/or applying what was learned  Blended learning assets  Facing a problem  Video to provide advanced concepts,  Dealing with something that has changed greater depth, etc.  PowerPoint or BooksWhy?  Quizzes / Assessments Retention and review:  Location, Location, Location! (Think location-specific)  Test-prep flashcards  Learning when convenient  Short audio/video clips or podcasts  Combat the “Forgetting Curve”  E-Learning abstracts  Update, motivate  Follow-up quick-tips  Performance support… Just-In-Time!  Spaced learning  Reaching the unreachable audiences  Gen-Y / Millennials  Potential time-savings Performance support:  As part of blended learning programs  Job-aids, checklists, data look-up  Motivational audio, daily quick-tips  Mobile e-reference  Access social media (forums, micro-message, blogs, expert search, etc.)How? 1. Which mobile learners? 5. Flash? HTML5? Content re-use? 2. Which use cases? 6. Text-based? Audio? Video? 3. Which content types? 7. Apps, mobile browser, both? 4. Which devices? 8. Tracking and reporting? 1
  2. 2. ADDITIONAL RESOURCESTry Mobile Learning Yourself  GetAbstract – download the GetAbstract iPhone/iPad app, or visit  ADL mLearning Guide – search for this in the iTunes storeGeneral Resources  – the Wikipedia entry on mLearning provides a good overview of the topic.  – The mobile learning category from Tony Karrer’s e- Learning portal.  – search SlideShare for “Mobile Learning” and you will find numerous presentations on the subject.  – one of several good HTML5 reference resources available  – another good HTML5 reference resource  – ADL Mobile Learning newsletter archivesResearch Reports  “Learning on the Move,” Aberdeen Group, January, 2012,  “Horizon Report 2012: Higher Education Edition,” from EDUCAUSE and NMC,  mLearning: A Practical Approach to Mobile Technology for Workforce Training,” from McGraw Hill Research Foundation, November, 2011 content/uploads/2011/10/Mobile-Learning.pdf  “From e-Learning to m-Learning: An Honorable Reception,” from ADL, 2011  “Mobile Learning: Learning in the Palm of Your Hand,” from ASTD and i4cp, 2011  “Mobile Learning: Landscape and Trends,” from The eLearning Guild, May, 2011  “m-Learning: Mobile Learning is Finally Going Mainstream – and it is Bigger Than You Think,” from Bersin and Associates, March 2011,  “Getting Started with e-Learning: Mobile Learning (mLearning),” from The eLearning Guild, May 2010,  “The US Market for Mobile Learning Products and Services: 2010-2015 Forecast and Analysis,” by Ambient Insights, 2010,  The Mobile Learning Edge: Tools and Technologies for Developing Your Teams, by Gary Woodill (McGraw-Hill, 2010). See:  Designing mLearning: Tapping Into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance, by Clark Quinn (Pfeiffer, 2011). See:  The Mobile Academy: mLearning for Higher Education, by Clark Quinn (Jossey-Bass, 2011). 2
  3. 3. Mobile Learning Blogs to Follow  mLearning Trends --  mLearnopedia --  Ignatia Webs --  The Mobile Learning Edge --  The Mobile Learner --  Mobile ESL --  Learning in Hand --  M-Learning Is Good --  th Living in the 4 Screen -- Magazine and Blog Articles Worth Reading  “Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012,” by Robert Gadd, mLearning Trends blog, December 30, 2011 predictions-for.html  “Mobile Learning Made Easy,” by Naomi Norman, T+D, December 2011  “Promising Tools for HTML5 Development,” by Judy Unrein, Learning Circuits from ASTD, November 2011  “There’s an App For That!,” by Gail Dutton, Training magazine, October 2011  “mLearnCon 2011: Putting Learning in Motion,” by Bill Brandon, Learning Solutions Magazine, June, 29, 2011 2011-putting-learning-in-motion-a-week-after  “Ten Mobile Questions,” by Clark Quinn, Learnlets blog, May 17, 2011  “Are We Wired for Mobile Learning?” an Infographic, February, 2011  “Ode to Mobile Performance Support,” by Allison Rossett, Learning Solutions Magazine, Aug. 9, 2010  “Top Myths and Misconceptions of Mobile Learning,” by Robert Gadd, Learning Solutions Magazine, June 9, 2010 learning  Mobile Learning: Obstacles and Solutions,” by Joe Ganci, Learning Solutions Magazine, June 7, 2010  “When Mobility Meets Learning,” by Ellen Wagner, Elearning!, May 17, 2010 mobilitymeets-learning.html  “Smartphones Make IBM Smarter, But Not As Expected,” by Nabeel Ahmad and Peter Orton, T+D, January, 2010  “Don’t Leave Home Without It,” by Sarah Boehle, Training magazine, September, 2009  “Merrill Lynch: Bullish on Mobile Learning,” Chief Learning Officer, April, 2008 3