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  • AbstractMost companies believe they have a solid succession strategy in place. But is your succession plan only for senior leaders? What about the rest of your workforce? Most critical roles with your company are not at the executive level.
  • Source: IBM: “Working beyond Borders” (Jan, 2011)
  • Talent Edge 2020: Redrafting talent strategies for an uneven economy, Jan 2012
  • McKinsey: Census BureauForbes:
  • McKinsey: Census BureauForbes:
  • Here is work that we have in draft form that can soon be ready for us to use as we apply the Leadership Pipeline at Cricket. This is a sample of a Senior Leader (VP) profile that outlines the Key Competencies required, Performance Expectations needed and Values Demonstrated for success at this level. ….(NEXT SLIDE)….
  • Developing Your Workforce

    1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Handling Workforce DevelopmentDave Wilkins, Head of Taleo ResearchJohn Moxley, Director of Leadership Development, Cricket CommunicationsChris Cimitile, title?
    2. 2. Handling Workforce Development at Cricket Communications confidential/proprietary
    3. 3. Today’s Topics • Intros and Agenda • Leadership Development at Cricket Communications • Succession Planning across the Organization o How Technology Helps • Preparing Employees for Future Demands confidential/proprietary
    4. 4. TALENT INTELLIGENCEconfidential/proprietary
    5. 5. TALENT INTELLIGENCEconfidential/proprietary
    6. 6. Education, Workforce Mismatch Percent Growth Over Past 10 Years 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 College Grads Jobs Needing College Grads confidential/proprietary
    7. 7. Education, Workforce Mismatch Percent Growth Over Past 10 Years 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 College Grads Jobs Needing College Grads confidential/proprietary
    8. 8. Cricket Communications • Nationwide wireless provider – wide range of services, affordable prices o Unlimited rate plans voice, text, web, broadband– no contracts o Muve Music – unlimited music downloads, 600,000 subscribers • Offer both simple and smart phones, including Android and Blackberry • Company stores, Dealers, National Partners (e.g. Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Dollar General, HSN) confidential/proprietary
    9. 9. Cricket’sLeadership Pipeline Model* • 5 Leadership levels with unique expectations, competencies, values • Turns are major transitions a leader must make to be successful at the next level • Advancement requires changes in – Competencies – Values – Time Allocation • Competency sets define focus for each level, used in Performance Management & Succession Planning Process • Model applies to everyone in the enterprise • Validated for large & small organizations * Based on The Leadership Pipeline* Charan, Drotter, Noel, 20019 confidential/proprietary
    10. 10. Leadership Competency Framework • 4 Mission Critical Behaviors apply to everyone • Unique Competency sets for each of 5 Leadership Levels • Intended to guide development focus for a given leadership level • Competencies are cumulative as one advances in level, e.g. a Mid-Level (Level 3) leader should be proficient in all competencies for levels 1-3 • Used in Performance Management and Development Planning confidential/proprietary
    11. 11. Example of a Leadership Profile confidential/proprietary
    12. 12. Leadership Profile in Cricket U confidential/proprietary
    13. 13. Poll Question: What’s Your Learning Mix for Leaders? • Mostly formal with some on-the-job development and coaching • Mostly on-the-job development with some formal and coaching • Mostly coaching with some on-the-job development and formal confidential/proprietary
    14. 14. Learning Plan for theFrontline Leader Formal Training (10%) On-the-job Development (70%) CORE = 16.5 hrs (Activities dependent on individual and • New Manager Orientation (WBT 2.0) competencies/experience to develop) • Effective Supervision (WBT 2.0) • Stretch assignments • Getting Started as a New Leader (WBT 2.0) • Job Shadowing • Frontline Leader at Cricket (WBT 0.5) • Job-rotations • New Manager FastStart (ILT 8.0) • Toastmasters • Conflict Resolution (WBT 2.0) • Leadership Resources (Manager • Situational Leadership (ILT 16.0) Tools, Podcasts, getAbstract) • Participate on cross-functional team • Essentials of Leadership (WBT 3.0) • Conferences • Developing Others (WBT 3.0) Core Courses: in bold Elective Courses: not in bold Coaching (20%) • Peer coaching • Weekly 1:1 meetings with manager • Ad Hoc Manager Feedback and Coaching • Mentoring (internal/external to Cricket)14 confidential/proprietary
    15. 15. Are you readyto Lead?Get ready at Leader U: • Know your Leadership Level • Review your Leadership Profile • Start your Learning Plan Click a at confidential/proprietary
    16. 16. confidential/proprietary
    17. 17. Developing a Leadership Culture • 45 Videos Produced and delivered Via Cricket U confidential/proprietary
    18. 18. Embedding Leadership into Retail Curriculum Core Branded COS Retail Dealer Retail Retail Management Management Retail New Hire Smart Store Store Ops Onboarding Operations 101 Best Practices New Manager Smart Selling Smart Coaching FastStart SL II/ InsideOut Smart Sales and Smart Service Coaching Service Coaching Smart Team Sales & Service Foundation Coaching Muve Smart Consulting Leader U Leader U Certification with Dealers course courses Business Acumen Data Certification for Frontline CID Certification confidential/proprietary
    19. 19. Poll Question: How Deep Do You Plan Succession? • Executives Only • VP and Senior Leaders • Director and Managers • Critical Roles • All Employees confidential/proprietary
    20. 20. Succession Planning Across the Organization confidential/proprietary
    21. 21. Succession Planning across the Organization• We focus at the Mid-Level Leader & Senior Leader segments o Not Executives; essentially Directors and above, and successors• Start with Manager Ratings of Employees o Potential, Risk and Impact of Loss, and Suggested Next Moves• Calibrate manager ratings across organization groups confidential/proprietary
    22. 22. Succession Planning across the Organization• Identify successors for Key Talent o HIPO and High Impact of Loss individuals o Critical roles (including feeder roles to critical senior roles) o Stack ranked talent pools• Identify gaps in successors and successor capabilities• Highlight workforce and development planning requirements• Accelerate successor readiness confidential/proprietary
    23. 23. How Technology Helps with Succession Planning• Creates a centralized data repository, easily updated and maintained – if user-friendly with an intuitive configuration o But GIGO, and the information can get stale• Enables integration with HRMS and other data sources• Allows Managers and HR Business Partners to access information on individuals, teams, business segments and the enterprise in order to better inform decisions confidential/proprietary
    24. 24. How Technology Helps with Succession Planning• Graphics-based, succession org charts give “at a glance” big picture for teams, and can highlight diversity and inclusion successes and/or issues• Reporting capabilities allow easy data extraction and analysis• Search for talent based on objective criteria confidential/proprietary
    25. 25. Preparing Employeesfor Future Needs confidential/proprietary
    26. 26. Preparing Employees for Future Demands• Assessing needs o Successor readiness o Business direction / revenue opportunity o Employee career aspirations• Focused Development o New products & key offerings: e.g., Muve Music o Key level: e.g., Frontline Manager o Key jobs: e.g., Indirect Account Mgrs. o Key competencies / Certifications  Functional: Selling and customer service  Technical: LTE (Long-Term Evolution) aka 4G confidential/proprietary
    27. 27. Preparing Employees for Future Demands, continued• Versatility o Cross-training for different competencies, certifications o Highly transferable skills (coaching, business acumen. . . .)• Managing the Process o Tracking assignment completions o Online assessments o Tracking development goal creation & progress o Qualitative analysis of development goal quality o Job profiles show development & transition activities confidential/proprietary
    28. 28. How Learning Plans Fit Together Groups defined in CU Integration feed confidential/proprietary
    29. 29. Job Titles vs. Roles • Versatile Jobs that are customized to different Roles or functions: • Role Rotation and certifications enable specialization and development without changing job titleJOB TITLES TECHNICAL CERTIFICATION• General Responsibilities • Technical Responsibilities/tasks• Key Competencies • Technical skills• Level -> Span of Control • Technical/functional• Required/Desired Experience Development Activities 29 confidential/proprietary
    30. 30. Certifications• Certifications enable consistency in skills, and concrete development opportunities• Platform Certifications• Tool Certifications• Functional Certifications• Certification choice enables Career Paths to be Deep/Specialized vs. Broad/Versatile• Employees earn badges for their certifications, badges influence Job qualifications, advancement, compensation• Some may require recertification, e.g. new CID software release• Certification requires approval by Mentor and Assessor• Those that are certified mentor others• Career Paths can be Deep/Specialized vs. Broad/Versatile 30 confidential/proprietary
    31. 31. Roles in IndividualDevelopment • Provides curricula, learning resources, tuition reimbursement • Assigns learning based on level, function, and job • Provides tools and guidance regarding development paths • Cricket U infrastructure • Tracks Progress Organization• Assesses employee’s strengths & weaknesses • Assesses Career• Facilitates development Interests, competencies planning discussion • Creates Individual• Provides development Development Plan opportunities • Initiates career development• Provides resources Manager Employee discussion with Manager (time, budget ) • Ask for development• Suggests career options opportunities• Provides feedback • Takes WBTs, and coaching • Enrolls in Cricket U courses31 confidential/proprietary
    32. 32. Reinforcement with Social Networking TALENT INTELLIGENCE confidential/proprietary
    33. 33. Learn Anywhere, Anytime • Available Now • Access via smart phone browser • Access to all online assessments and course evaluations • Access to product information • Mobile ready courses 33 confidential/proprietary
    34. 34. QUESTIONS? confidential/proprietary