Impact of Social Networks on Recruiting by LinkedIn


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A presentation delivered by LinkedIn at the Social Recruiting Breakfast in Zurich 24th May run by Taleo

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  • [InMap labels build]This slide shows an InMap, which is a visual representation of your connections and how they’re all connected to each other. As you can see, there are clusters for this person’s current company, past company, school, and so on. We’ll share a link at the end of the webcast so you can create your own InMap—but we shared it here to demonstrate how powerful your network of connections can be.So let’s talk about your connections.First of all, with whom should you connect?Connect with…- People at your company Your peers at other companies People you’ve worked with or gone to school with in the past Qualified individuals in your candidate pipeline with whom you’d like to keep in touch, whether or not they’re ready for a new opportunityThe more people you’re connected to, the further your network reaches. Your connections allow you to gain valuable access to THEIR connections, and you can ask your connections to “warm up” your leads with an introduction to their connections. Try browsing through the connections of superstar engineers at your company, for example—odds are they know other superstar engineers and can introduce you!HOWEVER—that doesn’t mean you should connect with just anyone. Having people you don’t know, haven’t worked with, and can’t vouch for can dilute your network’s value. Also, as a word of warning—if you invite strangers to join your network too many times and people respond that they do not know you, you will not be allowed to use this invite mechanism in the future. So choose your connections wisely!
  • What about the other 80% to 90%? They’re really busy being really successful!If only 20% of professionals are actively seeking a new job at a given time:Why would you limit your search to sites that only have job seekers, when you could fish in a much larger pond?Why fish in that pond where there is one with better fish too. Don’t limit your reach in terms of size of quality. Go where the best are.
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  • Impact of Social Networks on Recruiting by LinkedIn

    1. 1. Impact of Social Networks on RecruitingBest practice for leveraging the LinkedIn network
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. LinkedIn membership 150+ Mio. members Canada 5 M+ China Europe 35 M+ 2 M+ USA 60 M+ India 14 M+ Brazil 7 M+ S-Africa Aus. & New Z. 1 M+ 3 M+ +3 members each month 3
    4. 4. Europe Scandinavia 2,5 M+ members UK Netherlands 8 M+ members 3 M+ members Ireland 500 K members East-Europe DACH Region 3,5 M+ members 2 M+ members Belgium 1 M+ members Portugal 400 K members Italy 2 M+ members Spain France 2,5 M+ members 3 M+ members 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. Best Practice 6
    7. 7. Your career timeline: Thoughtfully Building yourNetwork Friends Current Company You School Past Clients Company 7
    8. 8. There Are Fundamental Differences BetweenActive and Passive Candidates Active Candidate Passive Candidates - Ready to apply online - Do not have a current CV - Searching for opportunities - May listen to opportunities - Responds quickly - Seek additional information - Accepts best job offered now - Will move for the right job 8
    9. 9. Only 10-20% of Professionals are Actively Looking 9
    10. 10. Best Surface Your Hiring Passive CandidatesLet’s Practices for Biggest Recruiting Challenges Drive Applicants Position Company Career Page, Jobs, Referrals Employee Profiles Target Passives Engage Audience Groups, Updates, Recruiter, InMails Employee Profile Ads 10
    11. 11. Make Data Driven Decisions 11
    12. 12. Taleo – LinkedIn Member Data 12
    13. 13. Taleo – Monthly visitors and referral opportunity 13
    14. 14. Taleo – Visitors to employee profiles 14
    15. 15. Taleo – Hires in the last 12 months on LinkedIn 15
    16. 16. Current member experience ... (all 14K+ of them!) 16
    17. 17. What the experience could be .... Marius Förster HR Manager Taleo 17
    18. 18. Careers’s page with individual and customizedmessagesTailor your content to speak directly to your target audience Custom Relevant Jobs Recruitment Message Custom Banner Graphic Audience: Default Audience: Engineer 18
    19. 19. LinkedIn Live Demo 19
    20. 20. Thank you!Recruiting Solutions