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Talentsquare - presentation deck


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Talentsquare is an affordable hiring software designed for small to medium sized businesses and is already available in 5 languages.

We help companies to move out from email and spreadsheets and to professionnalise their hiring activities in a smart & efficient way. It goes from building a branded careers page, to posting job ads on multiple job boards and to track the source of candidates inflow. Browse your candidates profiles with a powerful HR Semantic search engine and match them with your open jobs (coming soon). Talentsquare is the « one stop shop » for all your recruiting needs.

On top of these features Talentsquare has build a powerful Talent portal which allow your applicant to update their information at any point in time and apply in one single click to any job !

Talentsquare has attracted more than 1000 companies and 40 000 Talents in only 1,5 year !

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Talentsquare - presentation deck

  1. 1. About  Talentsquare
  2. 2. Talentsquare provides Employers/Recruiters a high quality solution to optimize their recruitment with better results at lower cost, while providinga great candidate experience. Talentsquare provides Candidates a private career portal where they can understand administrate and promote themselves better, throughouttheir entire career.
  3. 3. Solution
  4. 4. Talentsquare focuses on providing high quality user experience and continuously improves the platform and its features Manage  Jobs  &   Advertise  on  Key   Job  Boards Manage  &  Select   Candidates Work   Collaboratively  &   Access  Analytics Develop  Your   Employer  Brand
  5. 5. Functionalities
  6. 6. Manage Your Jobs Enjoy a substantial flexibility when creating and customizing your vacancies. Choose from a wide range of pre-­‐configured fields and adapt your job offers to your company’s lookand feel. Mobile Recruiting Our mobile recruiting app helps employers hire better and faster. You can now view and manage all your vacancies and candidates on the go, straight from your Android device.The iOS version is coming soon! Multiple Languages We think language shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to your recruiting process. This is why Talentsquare is already available in 5 languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Need to use Talentsquare in a language that is not available? We are always open to suggestions! Just drop us a line with your feedback and we’ll talk.
  7. 7. Advertise your jobs on various channels Share your vacancies on free and paid job boards and aggregators, as well as through pay-­‐per-­‐click job advertising, directly from Talentsquare. Analyze the performance of different channels and find out which job boards bring you the best talent. Careers Page Free & Paid Job boards Social Media… … & Beyond
  8. 8. Receive  Applicants  in  Diverse  Ways Who says receiving applications in multiple ways has to be complicated? With Talentsquare everything is automated, requiring no effort from your side, neither from your candidates’. For both sides, everything happens in a few clicks. An Intuitive Form… Online  applications  don’t  have  to  be  time-­‐consuming  and  over-­‐complicated.   Your  candidates  will  be  able  to  apply  to  your  job  openings  through  a  simple,   intuitive  form,  and  with  minimum  efforts. We  require  only  relevant  information,  and  give  the  candidates  the  possibility   to  return  to  their  profiles  and  fill  in  more  details  whenever  they  want.   Profile  &  CV  Import  (CV  Parsing)
  9. 9. Review  Applicants  Efficiently Build a talent pipeline and filter your candidates by different criteria: keywords, location, tags, etc., or use our various pre-­‐defined filters. Find your ideal hire faster than ever! Detailed  Profile Candidates have the chance to present themselves better through detailed profiles, which can be updated at any moment. More information will therefore lead to better hiring decisions on your side. Not to mention every time they add more informationto their profile,you receive it in real time!
  10. 10. Filters By using Talentsquare’s suggested filters you can immediately select candidates by seniority level, education background and work experience. You can even filter on the specific questions that you have asked them when they applied to your positions. Boolean  Searches Talentsquare users benefit from our powerful search engine that lets them combine keywords thanks to various Boolean codes. Saved Searches Constantly repeating the same searches and setting their parameters can prove to be time-­‐consuming. It is for this reason that we allow you to save your searches so you can focus more on screeningthe relevant candidates.
  11. 11. Tag  System Add your own tags to candidates in order to better qualify them. You will be able to also filter them by those tags. Access an advanced menu that allows you to edit,modify,remove the tags and even change their color. Ranking Your recruiting team can now give an overall rating of a candidate and leave their general appreciation. This will surely help you focus on the best applicants in your database. Efficient  Communication Organise all your candidate communication via Talentsquare. Create automated email templates and quickly respond to candidates informing them about your hiringprocess and decisions.
  12. 12. Team Work Recruiting should not be done alone and neither based solely on instinct. With Talentsquare you can invite your colleagues to collaborate in your recruitment process and allocate them different roles & responsibilities, making sure that the right people are allocated to the right job. Recruiter Admin Recruiter Restricted User This type of access is an administrative one and has all access rights, including managing other accounts and users, purchasing items from the store, creating jobs, processing applicants, etc. The user with this type of access can create new jobs, see all candidates and even manage them, but cannot manage previous jobs, user accounts or purchase items from the store. The Recruiter will only be able to manage jobs assigned to him/her. This type of access is usually reserved for Heads of Department or any other person that is involved in the recruiting process, but is not part of the HR team. The user will only see the jobs and applicants that him/her is allocated to.
  13. 13. Pricing
  14. 14. Role  Name Description Price* Recruiter  Admin Manage settings, create jobs, manage users, manage jobs, manage candidates, etc. 50€ /  user  /  month Recruiter Create job, manage jobs, manage candidates, etc. 50€ /  user  /  month Restricted user Has a spectator role on job he is assigned to (ideal for clients & line managers) Free Our  pricing  couldn’t  be  simpler  ! *  All  our  prices  are  VAT  Excluded
  15. 15. What  do  you  get  when  you  purchase  1  admin  /   recruiter  seat  ? Plug&Play Solution   in  5  Lang. Full  Access   to  all   Features Online Chat Support 150  CV   Import  Credits   /  months   Dedicated Account Manager
  16. 16. START  YOUR  14  DAYS  FREE  TRIAL  TODAY  !  
  17. 17. Examples
  18. 18. Careers Page Click below to see some examples: • Talentsquare • Partena Professional • Double Pass
  19. 19. Meet  The  Team
  20. 20. Timoté GEIMER CEO / CO-FOUNDER Arthur ROOSE CO-FOUNDER Thibault HALBRECQ CO-FOUNDER +32 2 203 41 66
  21. 21. +32 2 203 41 66