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The Role of Social Media 
in Recruitment. Presentation made by Timoté Geimer, Product & Digital Strategist at Alpsquare in the #RecruitmentDay

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#Recruitment day pdf

  1. 1. The Role of Social Media 
 in Recruitment Presentation made by Timoté Geimer for ! the #RecruitmentDay 1
  2. 2. Quick presentation Product & Digital Strategist @ Alpsquare! • Work on the development of an ATS (www.talentsquare.com)! • Manage several Online Recruitment Campaigns (www.ingenimundi.com, www.maakerwerkvan.be, www.alorsonjob.be)! • Co-Organizer of HRMeetup. 
 (www.hrmeetup.org)! ! Currently attending an Executive Master in IT Management @ Solvay Brussels School @timotegeimer Timoté Geimer Background • Former IT recruiter & Social Media Manager! • Master in HRM @ ULB /timotegeimer Let’s Connect 2
  3. 3. Online Recruitment Campaigns: Recruitment Platform: Targeted campaigns to specific segments incl. management of! • Paid Media ! • Social Media ! • Content Marketing! • Conversations Mid Market Vlaanderen • Cloud Solution! • Standardised & shared! • Employer interface! • Applicant interface Employers push jobs to selected campaigns using ! campaign specific job criteria Candidates filter & find jobs that meet their criteria, create profile & apply in one click SEAMLESS ! INTEGRATION Who is Alpsquare? 1 Mid Market Wallonia Brussels Airport Port Antwerpen Horeca Engineers Mobility Regional SectorialFunctional Other CSR Internships Custom GDF SUEZ Manage CandidatesManage Jobs Single C° Multi C° Own HRIS Examples Innovative solutions to better source, select and recruit the right candidates at lower cost 2 3
  5. 5. 5 
 Recruitment, one step in a long cycle… The Marketers’ mission in a product/service environment (B2B or B2C) is to… ! • Make prospects aware of their offer • Have them consider their offer, and • Stimulate a first trial • Then turn them into customers (Buy) • and develop them to loyal customers (return), who will further refer your brand (brand ambassadors) • measure the performance of the marketing initiatives (Return on Investment) Employer branding & employee engagement: it’s primarily a marketing challenge Marketing and brand management thinking can be applied to the employment and employee market. For recruiting, engaging & retaining talents, the same marketing principles can be applied to the employment environment, whereby the employee = customer. Note : ROI: Return on Investment ; B2B: Business to Business; B2C: Business to Consumer B2B & B2C Marketing Aware Consider Try Buy Customers Loyal Customers Businesses / Consumers C°Inc. Marketing Performance: ROMI & Reporting Return CommercialCustomer Brand Ambassadors
  6. 6. 6 
 Recruitment, one step in a long cycle… LaborCustomer Employees Recruits Aware Consider Try BuyBrand Ambassadors Custom ers Loyal Custom ers Businesses / Consumers CommercialCustomer C° Inc. Tracking Performance: ROI & Reporting Return Tracking Performance: ROI & Reporting Em ployees Engaged Em ployees Advocate EmployerBrand CustomerBrand Employee Brand Note : B2B: Business to Business; B2C: Business to Consumer; B2R: Business to Recruit; B2E: Business to Employee B2B & B2C MarketingB2R & B2E Marketing Mirroring the marketing rationale will help you to attract, engage & retain labor customers Aware Consider Try Sign Perform Advocate Corporate Brand
  7. 7. 
 Recruitment, one step in a long cycle… 7 The Consumer Decision Journey From McKinsey: - Awareness - Consideration - Conversion - Retention - Advocacy ! —> Adapted to “HR”
  8. 8. Employer Marketing is not only about recruiting, it’s also about…" ! – Company Brand & business! – Employees Engagement & Retention! – CSR! ! Employer Marketing is a long cycle that requires... " ! – A long term strategy and a clear vision about internal and external objectives! – To harmonise internal & external communication (authenticity, differentiation & recognition)! – To be attentive to pitfalls! ! NB: See UBA report 2. “What : Quelques définitions” 
 Recruitment, one step in a long cycle… 8
  9. 9. 9 Leader Employees HR 
 Recruitment, one step in a long cycle… Richard Branson
  11. 11. ! What is the time you take to answers to email? Tweets? Facebook comments? Are you able to manage all your channels? What is your response rate to applications? 11
  12. 12. •Do you communicate the right way? ! ! •Are your candidate prepared for the interview? ! ! •Do they know you well? Are they matching what you are looking for? V S From reaction to anticipation 12
  13. 13. The mistake is to think that the recruitment is not digital" The mistake is to think that user experience doesn’t matter The Foundry, 2013 Digital Recruitment Trends, July 2012 13
  14. 14. The mistake is to think that the content doesn’t matter The more candidates connect to your brand, the more they understand what you do and what you offer, the more they will be inclined to apply" ! It’s important to follow your candidates during the whole recruitment process through your media. You need to give them content, feedbacks, be attentive to their situation, etc.! ! Example: ! ! ➢ Mister X is Freelancer and occasionally works with consulting company based in UK. They have only few interactions but...! ➢ The company is following him on Social Networks and knows what Mister X is doing and on what organization he is involved.! ➢ More than that, having seen that he had an event the day after a scheduled meeting, they contacted him to be sure he didn’t wanted to postpone the meeting to another day! From reaction to anticipation 14
  15. 15. it’s not only about Social Media ! The employer brand building should includes:! ! - Radio spots! - Press Release! - Blogging! - Podcasting! - Workshops! - Job fairs! - Employees – Candidates meetings! - Word of mouth! - Ambassadors strategy! - Referral system! - ...! From reaction to anticipation 15 As much important as Social Media ! ! !
  16. 16. What tools are you using?" Video interview?" Online Assessment?" Social Media?" ATS?" Job-boards?" Multi-posting solution? 16
  17. 17. Are you attentive to your candidate experience? Have you already applied to a position in your company? Do you know the candidates conversion rate of your ATS? ! How do you track candidates? Are you sure you answered to all of them? Do you give them a personal feedback?! 17
  18. 18. 18 What is missing? Where is the apply button?
  19. 19. IN PRACTICE 19
  20. 20. Write down 3 qualities and weaknesses of your company From the inside out 20
  21. 21. Some facts ! Social value factors dominate people’s job-choice decisions: Nigel Wright Recruitment, “Employer Branding Survey”, p 6 From the inside out 21 – The top five most important features of an employer are all about relationships and feeling respected. ! – 85% of respondents reported that having a good relationship with colleagues was important to them; ! – 81% said that having a good relation with their boss was important. ! – Economic values were also important: receiving an attractive overall compensation package was rated highly for importance by 79% of respondents in their choice of employer. But it came in 8th in the list of priorities.
  22. 22. Some facts ! Employers have some way to go in providing realistic job previews to potential applicants. From the inside out Nigel Wright Recruitment, “Employer Branding Survey”, p 10 22 – 35% of respondents disagreed that they knew the good and bad points of the job before being hired; ! – 38% disagreed that job content information was accurate. ! – Almost half (48%) disagreed that they were told about the positive and negative aspects of the job before being employed.! – Around a third (34%) of employees also felt that their job had not turned out to be what they expected it to be prior to being hired.
  23. 23. Some facts ! ! Respondents reported the greatest violations in the areas of... ! – Training, " – Pay based on own performance, " – …and the balance between work and home life – in that order. Nigel Wright Recruitment, “Employer Branding Survey”, p 12 From the inside out 23 Having realistic job previews is negatively associated with psychological contract violation.! ! Knowing upfront what the job is going to be like means that your expectations are likely to be more accurate, and hence less likely to be confounded.
  25. 25. What’s better? " Having 10.000 followers on social media or" Having 10 recruiters with 1000 connections? From the inside out 25
  26. 26. Do you have a strong personal brand? Recruiter personal branding and employer brand Do you share your market knowledge? Do you know well your company? (Mission, vision, etc.) Are you committed to your company? Do you promote your company content? 26
  27. 27. • Recruiters are the first ambassadors of the brand.! • Recruiters will have contact with all candidates.! • Recruiters will most probably receive a lot of candidates contacts (social media, call, etc.) even outside of working hours / environment (private phone number, email address, etc.)! ! ! ➢ You need to know perfectly your company! ➢ You need to be committed! ➢ You need to believe in your organisation Recruiter personal branding and employer brand 27
  28. 28. • Recruiting on Social Media is not…" ➢ Only Posting job offers" ➢ Spamming / Harassing candidates! • Recruiting on Social Media is about…" ! ➢ Developing your network" ➢ Sharing with your network" ➢ Listening to candidates / Understanding your audience" ➢ Being respectful" ➢ Understanding Social Media Spirit (—> give before receiving!) Recruiter personal branding and employer brand 28
  30. 30. Too many companies are underestimating the impact of a lack of communication with recruitment agencies! ! During an outsource recruitment process, external recruiters are your brand ambassadors. ! ! They need to know the culture, company habits, hot news, etc." ! It’s important to never forget that a recruitment agency will not take the credit of your mistakes…! ! If you don’t give feedback, if you take days to answer or if you cancel a recruitment process in the final round... Employer brand and external recruiters 30 They will blame you!
  32. 32. 
 Common Mistakes & Pitfalls
 • Being on social Media and only posting jobs...! ! • Underestimating the value of a feedback! ! • Not answering candidates! ! • Under considering the impact of lies during a recruitment process:! • International possibilities! • Guarantee of trainings & evaluations! • Etc. 32
  33. 33. 33 Alterna(ves+ Unsuitables+ The+Disqualified+ Clu7er+ Waste+ Future&candidates& Customers& Business&Partners& Brand&Ambassadors& Brand&Amplifiers& & Or#Them?## Is#it#about#HIM#or#HER?## 
Common Mistakes & Pitfalls

  34. 34. SOURCES 34
  35. 35. • Randstad Canada, Build you Employer Brand: a strategic approach to recruitment & retention, July 2011! • The Foundry, 2013 Digital Recruitment Trends, July 2012! • UBA, Employer Marketing Report, February 2014! • Nigel Wright Recruitment, Employer Branding Survey, 2012 Sources 35
  36. 36. GOING FURTHER 36
  37. 37. • Socialmedia-recruiting.com, Etude sur le recrutement via les medias sociaux, Suisse, 2012! • Evenbase, Digital Recruitment – the hottest markets in 2020, 2013! • MITSloan Management Review, Embracing Digital Technology, 2013! • Capgemini Consulting, The digital Advantage: how digital leaders outperform their peers in every industry, 2013! • Broughton A, Foley B, Ledermaier S, Cox A, The use of social media in the recruitment process, 2013! • Fishman N, Morris J, EmployeeScreenIQ, Recruiting with Social networking Sites: What you DO know can hurt you! • Berthelot V, La Pinta F, Marketing RH, focus RH, 2013 Going Further 37
  38. 38. CASE 38
  39. 39. • Company: Blue Ocean Corp.! • Speciality: data center development for big corporations (Google, Facebook, BNP Paribas Fortis)! • New internal project: building a 100% Green Data Center! ➡ Project aligned w/ CSR & Corporate Vision! ➡ Need: 5 engineers specialised in Green Energy with affinity for IT! • You are the recruiter in charge of this and! • Have no budget for Recruitment agency! • Have 1500€ to spend Case 39
  40. 40. Additional info! • Poor Corporate Social Media Presence! • Limited MarCom Budget! • A lot of good willingness from MarCom Department! • Have a career portal! • Global contract w/ principal job board! • No contract w/ Indeed & other job aggregators! • You have 4 months to find your candidates Case 40 To Think! • Assess situation! • Identify ressources! • Identify target! • Understand target! • Develop communication strategy! • Develop personal action plan Have Fun! :D
  41. 41. • Collaborate with MarCom to build content! • Go to Social Media to understand your target! • Find where they are! • Read what they say! • Identify what they are interested in! • Get directly in touch with them! • Spend your money wisely…! • Social Media ads have limited success + tend to be really controversial! • Think about alternative investment (contact group owners on LinkedIn, find engineer blog and ask for an article talking about your project, etc.)! • Get support from MarCom Department Case 41
  42. 42. The Role of Employer Marketing 
 in Recruitment Presentation made by Timoté Geimer for ! the Union Belge des Annonceurs @timotegeimer /timotegeimer Let’s Connect 42