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Ingenimundi Presentation


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Ingenimundi is an online platform whereby a select club of companies collaborate to connect to international talent to meet their cross border resource needs.

Ingenimundi provides senior engineers & technical profiles a platform to connect with prime employers and find inspiring information, projects and jobs around the globe.

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Ingenimundi Presentation

  1. 1. Invitation to join the first online recruitment & communication collaborative solution worldwide to engage engineers and technicians across boundaries
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Presenting Ingenimundi Ingenimundi presents an innovative approach to talent acquisition: a coalition of companies work together to secure their pipeline of engineers and technical profiles
  4. 4. Who has joined Ingenimundi so far? Ingenimundi unites a group of prime companies that are working together to • Bring content value to engage the engineering community – Content Partners • Secure their pipeline of engineers and technical profiles – Recruiting Partners Recruiting PartnersContent Partners
  5. 5. The impact of Ingenimundi (Sourcing)* *As of March 2014 Ingenimundi has a global presence with targeted sourcing & engagement as per club members’ priorities. Club member Request Delivery GDF SUEZ To focus on the LATAM market and attract senior engineering profiles We attracted over 900 senior engineering profiles from Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Colombia Barco Attracting IT and Mechanical Design engineering profiles from Belgium (highly specific) We increased Barco pipeline of engineering applicants by 15% Since its conception, Ingenimundi attracted a pipeline of ~3,000 qualified experienced engineers (> 5yrs exp), complemented by ~9,000 qualified junior engineers (< 5 yrs exp)
  6. 6. The impact of Ingenimundi (Engagement)* • Over 60,000 unique visitors, from 148 countries since its conception (beginning 2013) • Gathered already 13,000 Followers in Facebook, 1700 Followers on Twitter and 1700 Followers on LinkedIn • Key partnerships with LinkedIn & Indeed to bring the right traffic and engineering profiles • Over 1,000 engineers subscribed to receive latest updates on blog articles and job opportunities *As of March 2014
  7. 7. Ingenimundi services include • Ongoing social media campaigns to showcase growth projects and build employer reputation • Ongoing conversation management to manage talent relations to make sure the community remains favorable towards participating employers and potential jobs • Applicant intake and timely communications • On demand selection or relocation support Ingenimundi aims to create a pool of engaged qualified candidates which allows for timely recruitment, while building the (employer) brand and reputation of participating companies
  8. 8. Ingenimundi caters to a select audience of companies • Companies can participate through two possible formats: – Star Format: For companies with a regional geographical scope (e.g. Europe) – Premium Format: For companies with intercontinental reach • Participation is based on an annual fee and a per hire ‘success’ fee which includes full communication services and unlimited candidate management • Employers within the Premium Format are part of the Ingenimundi Steering Group who supervises the strategy and tactics of the platform
  9. 9. GDF SUEZ is the first global partner of Ingenimundi • Business Strategy: accelerate development in fast growing markets, while optimizing the asset portfolio in mature markets. • To manage the complexities, GDF SUEZ recognizes people as our most critical competitive asset. It is their priority to ensure a robust and dynamic internal talent pipeline. • To address the challenges we face in the war for talent, we want to set an example by applying joint-procurement principles and pool our talent sourcing efforts with other, non competing, industry leaders. • Creating and sharing value together with our clients and partners is at the core of our business, and we believe that Ingenimundi will increase both our efficiency and attractiveness as our joint job offers provide more opportunities for the right candidates. Pierre Devillers, Senior VP Strategy, HR & Communications GDF SUEZ Energy International Latin America explains the GDF SUEZ perspective:
  10. 10. Latam: Mariano de la Vega + 54 11 501 266 81 Worldwide: Pieterjan Kempynck + 32 477 700 541