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Expedition roadmap to getting the job you want - step 2 - defining your destination

In this second step of Talentsquare's 'Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want', we help you to take a deep dive into the job, company or market you are considering. Ask yourself some critical questions and orient yourself as best you can before submitting your application.

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Expedition roadmap to getting the job you want - step 2 - defining your destination

  1. 1. Defining Your Destination 1
  2. 2. Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want Step by Step to Your Destination Getting the job you want requires careful consideration and intense effort. TALENTSQUARE provides a simple 5 step process , from ‘finding out’ to ‘getting’ the job you want. Managing The Moments Of Truth Understanding Yourself 5 1 Defining YourDefining ‘Unique Selling Standing OutYour Destination Proposition’ From The 3 Crowd 2 4
  3. 3. Expedition Roadmap To Getting The Job You Want Step by Step to Your Destination Managing The Moments Of Understanding Truth Yourself 5 1 Defining YourDefining Unique Selling Standing OutYour Destination Proposition From The 3 Crowd 2 4
  4. 4. Do you know the job market you want to enter?What do you know about the company you want to join? 2Do you understand the requirements of the job you aspire?Is there a match between who you are, the job you aspire & yourlong term career objectives? Defining Your Destination
  5. 5. 2Do you know the market you want to enter?• What is typical about this market and what are the main trends?• Who are the main players?• What is the market size and who has which market share?• Of the companies that interest you... • What is the positioning and reputation? • What is the geographical scope? • Who are the competitors?
  6. 6. 2Make sure you analyse the company you want to join:• What is the company’s history and legacy?• What is their business model and operational scope?• Are their vision, mission and values appealing for you?• How are the financial results and what are the trends?• What vacancies do they have for the moment?• What career & development opportunities do they offer?• Is this an ‘employer of choice’? Use all possible channels for this research: search online, watch the press, use social media & blog forums, check corporate websites and official publication, ask current employees,…
  7. 7. Do you understand the job you aspire?• Review the job description in detail 2• Talk to people who do this kind of work, preferable at the same company• Think about the core competencies that are required, both in terms of technical skills as well personal competencies
  8. 8. How is the match?• Is this a company you really want to work 2 for? Do they share your values and is this the right party to join in view of your long term career objectives?• Is this a job that you aspire to do? Will it allow you to feel good and learn & grow?• And... do you have what it takes? You think so? Then it’s time to proceed!Not sure...Think twice before applying.Ask others for feedback aboutthe fit between you and thejob. Try to be as objective andrealisitic as you can
  9. 9. Production and copyrightsTalentSquare. for moreinfo.Compiled & written by PieterjanKempynck. Pieterjan graduated asMaster in Clinical Psychology and isManaging Director of TalentSquare.He has over 20 years experience inhuman resources and talentmanagement.Pieterjan took part in several polarexpeditions.All pictures courtesy and copyrightLaurent Dick atwww.laurentdick.comPictures taken during the AntarcticSailing Expedition 2007/2008. Moreinfo on www.circles.ccOctober 2011.