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5 Types of Extended Enterprise Learning


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Training your extended enterprise is different than training your employees. Learn about the five types of extended enterprise LMS solutions including corporate, association, for-profit, government and academic. We have a case study for each type as well as the measurable benefits they derive from training their extended enterprise.

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5 Types of Extended Enterprise Learning

  1. 1. 5 Types of Extended Enterprise November 11th, 2014 John Leh CEO, Lead Analyst Talented Learning
  2. 2. Who is Talented Learning? • Extended enterprise (EE) learning news, research and consulting • Founded in 2014 -- Independent analysts • Experts on the business of training • Research vendors, technology and best practices • Weekly blog and webinar on all things EE Learning
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda • What is Extended Enterprise (EE) • Voluntary users • EE Learning Technology Tools • 5 Types of EE Learning with examples
  4. 4. What is Extended Enterprise Learning? • Any training or learning targeted towards your non-employee audiences • Every industry globally • Combination of marketing and education • EE is extremely measurable • Voluntary nature of users • 5 Types of EE: • Corporate • Member Organization • For Profit Training • Public Sector • Academic
  5. 5. Extended Enterprise vs. Employee Learners Extended Enterprise • Perceive value in content • Purchase content • More than one source • Unknown access points • Do not hate taking content Employees • Take assigned content • Content is due • Corporate LMS • Single sign on • Content is worth hating
  6. 6. Why Extended Enterprise Learning? • Make Money • Increase core sales from higher sales channel effectiveness • Create a revenue stream from selling content • Improve customer satisfaction • Save Money • Decrease training costs • Decrease of customer support calls • Cost avoidance (compliance) • Reuse of content • Automation • Short Cycle Time • Shorten sales cycle • Global expansion • New product launches • Onboarding
  7. 7. What are the Tools of EE? • Learning Management System (LMS) • eLearning Authoring Tools • Virtual Classroom/Meeting • CRM • Social Collaboration
  8. 8. Corporate EE Learning Types • Sales and distribution channel • Dealers, franchises and agents • Customers and users Measurable Impact • Increase sales and customer satisfaction • Global growth • Decrease training costs • Decrease of customer support calls • Cost avoidance (compliance) • Shorten cycle time from new product/partners Agents You Partners Channel Distributors Dealers Customers Users Franchises
  9. 9. Case Study, Yum! Brands Managing a large complex organization’s learning needs Virtual Classroom Single Catalog 9 | ©2014 Saba Software, Inc. Different brands Multiple countries Turnover Proliferation of content Paper processes Cost of Delivery eLearning ◼ 40,000+ restaurants, 115+ countries, 1.4+ million employees ◼ Established Saba as the only global system ◼ Over 800,000 users trained using standardized classes ◼ Millions of course completions per year ◼ Reduced employee turnover by 20% ◼ 2% increase in hospitality scores in just 3 months
  10. 10. Member Organizations EE Types • Associations • Unions • Non- Profit Measureable Impact • New revenue stream • Member value • Global growth • Core to mission
  11. 11. America’s Health Insurance Plans • National association for health insurance professionals – Sold 35 self-study, paper “book” courses to 42,000 students – Online exam and grades were manually entered • Implemented TopClass LMS – Now serves 82,000 active users – Integrated with AMS, finance and product fulfilment – Create all online content and programs of studies – Business customer support – Increased sales, cross sales, – Reduced support calls – Increase member satisfaction and operational efficiency
  12. 12. For Profit Training Companies EE Types • Make their living off of training • Corporate and individual customers • Continuing Education Providers Measurable Impact • Transition from ILT to eLearning • Increase revenue • Grow reoccurring revenue stream • Build loyalty
  13. 13. Bert Rodgers Schools Quality. Integrity. Continuous Improvement. Responsiveness. | About Bert Rodgers Schools • Leading provider of education for over 1,000,000 licensed professionals in the highly regulated and licensed fields of Real Estate, Appraisal, Community Association Management and Mortgage • eLogic Partner Since 2007 Primary Challenge or Objective • Licensing Management: BRS needed an LMS with robust eCommerce functionality and a licensing model that would cost-effectively support the unique needs of their customers • Course Development and Conversion: BRS was looking for a full service partner who could also assist them with converting several hundred hours of content from the proprietary legacy format Solution • 4 ecommerce, self-service portals • Saved millions in payroll, materials and operational costs
  14. 14. Public Sector EE Types • Emergency preparedness, first responders, law enforcement • Volunteers • Public service • Armed Forces Measurable Impact • No other media to reach so many people • Cost avoidance • Alternative to customer support • Rapid notification • Social network • Revenue!
  15. 15. Speed Awareness Training Northamptonshire Police offer training as an alternative to points on a driving licence with the aim of educating motorists about speed. Over 2000 bookings are made monthly. Reduced administration costs by 70%. 5 staff now 1.5 saving of in excess 6500 admin hours Financial Management – improved auditing and reconciliation as bookings and payments are matched automatically Improved Cash Flow - online booking with advanced payment Improved Course Attendance - email and text reminders, virtually eliminating candidate non-attendance. Reduced Errors – through integration and automated update of Police NDORS system Business Intelligence – accurate reporting provides the basis for confident decision making and planning Customer Satisfaction –streamline efficient service and communication provides enhanced public engagement
  16. 16. Academic EE Types • MOOCs – Massive Open Online Course • Free or paid open education • Vocational and Trade Schools Measurable Impact • Public awareness • Improve brand image for the universities • Drive paid enrollment with the free teasers • Recruitement
  17. 17. Academic EE Examples
  18. 18. Conclusion • Many types of extended enterprise learning • Voluntary learners • Combination of marketing and education • Extremely measurable learning • Help at
  19. 19. Next Week’s Webinar • • Next week -- How to Build a Channel Certification Program • Top 15 Features of Extended Enterprise Learning • Building the Business Case for EE Learning • How to Trade in Your Current LMS • Five Crucial Steps to Launching your EE Program • Social Learning and the EE
  20. 20. Questions? • Blog: • Twitter: @JohnLeh and @TalentedLearn • LinkedIn: • Email: