Digital customer engagement


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Digitalisation is a major trend impacting businesses and consumers alike. Talent Vectia's view on creating digital strategies, digital customer engagement concepts and becoming successful in digital era.

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Digital customer engagement

  1. 1. Digital customerengagementTalent Vectia view on digitalization and digitalstrategy development. Create meaningful andvalue-adding conversations with customers andpartners in social media and digital eraPartner Tapio Nissilä 40 70 10 458
  2. 2. Digitalization matters • Digitalization is a major trend impacting consumers and businesses alike. The impact will be huge as products, services, processes and business models are becoming more digital and digitally optimized. • Companies must learn to understand and lead digital customers and markets. Companies need to engage meaningful conversations with customers when (and where) it is relevant to the customer. • Companies need to create digital strategy and digital customer engagement models based on business case and solid justifications to become consistently successful in digital era. Digitalization is also a great opportunity for renewal and value creation. • Digitalization has only begun. It’s your turn.© Talent Vectia 2
  3. 3. Strategy Talent Vectia digitalization Business offering focuses on model strategy, business models and management systems Processes & functions Digital = digital is market, channel, service and product Multichannel = brands need to be present and available at customers daily routines Engagement = meaningful conversations replace one way messaging© Talent Vectia 3
  4. 4. Digital engagement should be created based on strategy and objectives, new technologies and customer insight Business strategy & Customer research and objectives insight Digital customer engagement New technologies, digital Customer experience and markets and digital channels advocacy© Talent Vectia 4
  5. 5. Key steps in business case development METHOD 1. Target setting 2. Develop model 3. Key figures 4. Integrate into strategy and plans • Situation analysis • Parameters of • Investments and • Objectives change costs • Identify • Ensure alignment • Develop model and • Expected returns dependencies with strategy approach • Time table and • Activities and • Get acceptance schedule critical path from stakeholders • Measure progress Objectives may be financial or Typical parameters of change operational are growth, lower cost of Objectives should be validated sales, new customer with stakeholders and acquisition, customer decision makers retention, customer satisfaction, risks, capital employed, etc.© Talent Vectia 5
  6. 6. Align digital with customers journey B2C – journey & practices B2B – buying behaviour and decision making Awareness process Home School Bond Research Advocate Loyalty Work Public loop place places Consideration Enjoy Decision Scope of digital strategy (services, offering and engagement) must fit current customer behavior & practices and enable new practices Customer’s process Identify Decision to Compare Purchase & Use & Delivery needs invest alternatives pay consumption Alternative digital customer engagement models Digital direct marketing Online commerce – e.g. Digital product – e.g. banking, music, entertainment Digital customer service© Talent Vectia 6
  7. 7. Desired customer experience Critical customer Customer Desired customer encounters Safaris experience Service processes & tools Thoughts What does the customer do Service Service Emotions Customer work mgmt encounters practices How does the customer feel system Actions Community Individual Meanings Servicescape & context Mapping encounters with the Observing and visualizing selected Defining the desired customer customer across channels encounters: what is the current experience: how should the Selecting encounters that are most customer experience and how do customer think, feel and act when critical: encounters that have service practices support it? using or considering to use the volume, up-sell potential or most service potential for developing deeper Identifying quick-wins for improving How is desired customer experience meanings customer experience created in different channels?© Talent Vectia 7
  8. 8. Selecting best digital channels and markets Different types of social media Share Publish Network© Talent Vectia 8
  9. 9. Key metrics across customer life-cycle Digital customer engagement model Reach Engage Convert Grow Grow customers into Conversations your target groups dialogue into orders loyalists promoters • Who are you trying • How are you going • Convert to • Convincing • How can we enable to reach? Which to engage with customers customers to buy our customers to segments, contexts, customers? • What will the again and more promote our brand? situations, • What are the actions customer buy? Will • Should we reward • Incentives, rewards, locations? How do you want customers they pay online? repeat purchases? tools? you define target to take? • Delivery How? • How can we groups? • Share your content? • Consumption • How can we create measure “the other • Where do these Buy? Give personal Digital Customer end of funnel”? customers spend information? Experience? time online? • How do we measure • How can we utilize • Which channels? actions taken by communities to • When do we want to customers? develop our be present? business and brand?© Talent Vectia 9
  10. 10. Digital customer engagement Effective digital engagement requires fit between development efforts METHOD Internal alignment External alignment Implementation Target customers of digital services & segments Capabilities Target segments, customer insight Design and Alignment with content of digital customer journey services Business case and objectives for digital Digital performance Value proposition management Management Value proposition system and process Management Scope of digital structure and services process© Talent Vectia 10
  11. 11. How Talent Vectia can help ? • Creation of digital strategy • Business model & digital concept innovation • Creation of digital multichannel customer engagement model • Creating business case for digitalization • Mapping customers journey, practices and processes as input to digital service creation • Defining service content and concept • Selecting target customer segments for digital engagements • Selecting appropriate digital solutions and marketing tactics • Selecting right digital channels for implementation • Measurement and continuous improvement© Talent Vectia 11
  12. 12. © Talent Vectia 12