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DiSC D Team Culture


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What's it like to work with or within a group with a D-style culture? The "Get it done" team.

Published in: Business
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DiSC D Team Culture

  1. 1. iDi$C The It Done” Team F‘ i. '.aves qzziekly with cc: :‘3i: .'c: ce, emphasizing accc: ::! is! ::: e:: 'ts and focusing on results G Team Characteristics fl » i’ ‘D -. "JI“ . "5'! C ''l‘‘ ‘''n "'I . r I ‘re: ‘, '3"q! ..a-. l Lu-M. m.. .. - . s.. ~. '- "i- ~ V -u, V fa _ . . f-ll! ‘ [Ii _. If- Jilin] 9 L.3~f§§. '.: .:2 Be the best! Be in charge! Get to the point! . . ? Mrlifllkglllilfl. i . ri2f"—wml, i’. ~. F‘ Action Details Challenge and risk Failure Winning Lack of control, vulnerability Results Too much discussion Standing out Too much emotion Competition Wasting time Competence Being questioned _ 'r‘r-rr. |:; '|r-rrcm E-E. ‘ Gets results Tension and burnout Focuses on solutions Lack of structure/ planning Dynamic and engaging Difficulty prioritizing Makes decisions quickly Overemphasizes status Pushes for new accomplishments Overly blunt Encourages innovation Impatient Gives straightforward feedback Too aggressive What’s in it for us? What’s the bottom line? How long will it take?