Candidate Experience: the foundation of a human capital strategy


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Focusing on the candidate experience is more than explaining to an applicant where he/she stands in the application process or the ability to send courteous rejection emails. Candidates are people before they are applicants and are at the heart of a major HR Copernican Revolution.

Candidates in the social media era have the power to do or undo the image of a company on their social networks. As a result, it is critical to interact with them on their own terms, develop a people-centric engagement process and move from a transactional hiring methodology to a relationship-based hiring strategy. Today the process is designed for the candidate to respond to a job requisition or job requirement, NOT for the company to be responsive to an inquiry or expression of interest: the "candidate experience" is predicated from the start upon the obligation to accommodate preconditions. As a result, up to 90% of candidates who reach a career site do not apply. Speak of reverse Darwinism! And what do companies do after that? They apply filters that would only qualify elusive purple squirrels... The candidate experience today is mediocre at best simply because candidates are not even heard by companies!

Addressing the candidate experience entails taking a holistic approach to talent engagement and management — and incidentally making the recruiter's experience much better than what it is - because today, with the systems they use, no matter how diligent they are, it's virtually impossible for them to "bridge the talent gap." The central part of the recruiting process in the social media era is an engagement platform, i.e. an employer branded space by where candidates, sourcers and recruiters can meet and interact — and where constituencies can operate comfortably each on their own terms.

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Candidate Experience: the foundation of a human capital strategy

  1. 1. The  Candidate  Experience:    the  founda4on  of  a  human  capital  strategy   @mddelphis   TalentCircles  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on©  
  2. 2. Candidate  Experience:  History  •  2003:  John  Sumser:  The  Candidate  Voice   hAp://  •  2011:  The  2011  Candidate  Experience  Award  research  report   (Elaine  Orler,  Gerry  Crispin,  and  Ed  Newman):  "Our  hope  is   that  this  report  sparks  and  elevates  the  candidate  experience   conversa3on.”    hAp://­‐download/  •  2012:  Huge  success  of  the  CandE  Awards  compe33on:   Reported  in  the  WSJ:   hAp://­‐the-­‐oscar-­‐for-­‐fastest-­‐feedback-­‐goes-­‐to/  •  Why  is  the  concept  picking  up  steam  now?   TalentCircles  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on©  
  3. 3. Candidate  Experience  :  A  Must  •  A  sociological  impera3ve   –  Millenials:  36%  of  work  force  by  2014  and  46%  by  2020.   hAp://­‐you-­‐should-­‐be-­‐hiring-­‐millennials-­‐ infographic/   –  Social  media  at  the  heart  of  their  interface   hAp://  •  An  economic  requirement     –  90%  of  candidates  drop  out  and  the  remaining  10%  filtered  out   hAp://­‐the-­‐Candidate-­‐Experience.pdf   –  Huge  economic  loss  for  not  filling  posi3ons  in  3me:  Peter  Capplli’s  book:  Why  Good   People  Cant  Get  Jobs:  The  Skills  Gap  and  What  Companies  Can  Do  About  it   hAp://­‐good-­‐people-­‐cant-­‐get-­‐jobs-­‐skills.html  •  A  business  mandate   –  Report:  52%  respondents  said  a  nega3ve  interview  experience  would  likely  impact   on  their  buying  products  or  services  from  that  organiza3on hAp://­‐content/uploads/ Candidates_Consumers_and_Your_Global_Brand.pdf   TalentCircles  Proprietary  and  Confiden3al  Informa3on©  
  4. 4. Candidate  Experience   More  than  a  trend:  a  “movement”     (Gerry  Crispin)   …  that  will  change  the  HR  landscape     for  both  candidates  and  recruiters  (whose  “experience”  is  just  as  bad  as  the  candidates’)    
  5. 5. People-­‐centric  Engagement  Process    
  6. 6. Social  Login:  Immediate  Ac4on  
  7. 7. Welcome  People  into  Your  Home  
  8. 8. Live  Profiles  
  9. 9. Make  People  Feel  Comfortable  
  10. 10. Respect:  Focused  and  Targeted  Informa4on  
  11. 11. Experience  =  Interac4on  =  AVtude  About  Mark  Murphy’s  book:  hWp://­‐of-­‐new-­‐hires-­‐fail-­‐because-­‐of-­‐their-­‐aVtude/  
  12. 12. Scale  Interac4ons  BeWer  by  the  Bunch:  Evalua4ng  Job  Candidates  in  Groups:  hWp://  
  13. 13. Candidate  Experience  =  Recruiter  Experience  
  14. 14. Human  Capital  Strategy  with  Humans  •  Candidates  are  people  not  paper:  Stop   characterless  enagement  •  Welcome  people    •  Interact  with  them  •  Keep  them  involved  and  foster  a  culture  of   engagement  •  Transform  candidates  into  brand  ambassadors   and  evangelists  •  Build  a  true,  live  human  capital  strategy!