ReZoom Resume Writing Workshop Presentation


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ReZoom 2013: National level Resume writing competition
ReZoom is a first of its kind career competition at pan India level. The competition is open for undergraduate students from all the major streams of education. TalentBridge has conducted over 60 workshops across India and has planned more such activities.

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ReZoom Resume Writing Workshop Presentation

  1. 1. How to write a Good Resume
  2. 2. What’s a Resume ? + + Prepares you for interview Helps you estimate skills gaps 1st step towards selling to company
  3. 3. Did you know ? Unsolicited Resume 15 Sec. Solicited Resume 90 Sec. Average length preferred by recruiters: 1 Page, Max 2 1 among 20 resumes get interview call; 1 among 200 get the job
  4. 4. Contents Pre Resume Preparation Resume Writing Process
  5. 5. What is the firm looking for ? KNOWLEDGE SKILLS ATTRIBUTES
  6. 6. Project Manager in Software Firm Open Systems C++ Linux Leadership Database Oracle Sybase Enterprise SAP Peoplesoft Web: Java, Weblogic Quality CMM2 6 Sigma Problem Solving Motivating Project Mgmt. Team Building/ managing Commun ication KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Reliable Optimistic FriendlyPatience Sincere ATTRIBUTES
  7. 7. What the firm WANTS in employees? RESEARCH THE FIRMS… Products Mission Culture Challenge
  8. 8. Access you knowledge/skills & attributes
  9. 9. 1. J2ee 2. Oracle 3. SAS 4. CMM2 5. Leadership 6. Team Building 7. Mentoring 8. Project Financing 9. Project Management 10. Friendly 11.Patience 1. J2ee 2. Java 3. SAS 4. CMM2 5. Leadership 6. Team Building 7. Public Speaking 8. Project Management 9. Recruiting 10.Friendly 11.Reliable Job KSA’s What can I demonstrate Match & List
  10. 10. Contents Pre Resume Preparation Resume Writing Process
  11. 11. Reverse Chronological Comprehensive summary of Job 1. Most recent Job First 2. Position held 3. Time period of job 4. Demonstrate skills/achievements Most recent degree first
  12. 12. Functional Similar skills & achievements from different jobs grouped together Skills & Achievement statements Highlight skills & achievements Job summary reduced to position held
  13. 13. Difference REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL FUNCTIONAL Steady job Diverse skills & proficient in many areas Impressive Job title Fresher Well known employer De-Emphasise certain information Considerable experience in one area Changing Careers
  14. 14. Technical Highlight technical skills relative to others Comprehensive listing of Technical Skills
  15. 15. Common Resume Heading REVERSE CHRONOLOGICAL FUNCTIONAL Contact information Contact Information Objective Statement Objective Statement Summary of Qualifications Summary of Qualification Professional Experience Skill Areas TECHNICAL Contact Information Objective Statement Summary of Qualification Technical Skills Education Professional Experience Education Professional Experience Education
  16. 16. Contact Information: A good Way DEEPAK RAO #5, Jheel Street Swadeshpur – 18 Home - (08265) 2256674 Mobile – (91) 9986758210
  17. 17. Objective Statement JOB TYPE You are applying for SKILLS &/OR experience PERSONALITY Trait Benefit To employer Asst. Operations Manager Planning & implementation skills gained from experience Reliable Increase customer satisfaction Assistant Operations Manager – where my efficient Planning & Implementation Skills gained from 4 years in the Logistics industry will lead to reliable deliveries increasing customer satisfaction
  18. 18. Writing Skill Statement Used to demonstrate KSA’s when the activities performed are routine/cannot be linked to an achievement Example Managed administrative functions for Area Sales Manager and a support staff of 16 sales representatives in a branch having annual sales of more than Rs. 6 crores As a student Led teams / Advised Groups / Assumed responsibility etc. Use ACTION verbs Use NUMERICAL Figures where applicable Clearly identify the SKILLS that the Statement displays
  19. 19. Writing Achievement Statement STAR Framework 1.Situation 4. Result 3. Action2. Task Used to demonstrate KSAs when the activities performed can be directly linked to an achievement
  20. 20. Writing Achievement Statement 1 2 3 4 5 Decide KSA’s to express 6 8 7 Find work examples Write using STAR model Add content showing support for organizational mission Revise & Refine examples Organise examples by competencies Get atleast 2 reviews FINE TUNE & PERFECT
  21. 21. Writing Achievement Statement AVOID BELIEF OR JUDGEMENT STATEMENTS I am a GOOD communicator I am a TEAM player I am a PEOPLE’S person I am HONEST or have INTEGRITY “ “
  22. 22. Summary of Qualification Professional Achievements Unique or Combination of skills Educational Achievements Outstanding Personality trait Experience in field if impressive Special award or training SUMMARY Select 4-6 out of your OUTSTANDING qualifications from these Write each statement with Punch: Clear & Concise Statements should be result oriented Action verbs should be used to describe achievements
  23. 23. Do’s and Don’ts Use Bulleted Style Quantify Proof Read Use reverse chronological order Use action verbs Write using accomplishments Too Long Lie Personal Pronouns Religion Mention Salary
  24. 24. Formatting Recommendations NAME in CAPS, rest as in ‘information’ INFORMATION Font: Verdana, Size: 11 Spacing: Single ‘0’ Time period & Location RIGHT Aligned Secondary Heading same as information but in BOLD Left aligned, no indentation, Bullets
  25. 25. TalentBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. • A cloud based employability solution provider to connect institutions of higher learning with corporate world • First & the only of its kind in India where Learning, Assessment & Placements are done online & remotely through its integrated platform (iLAP) • Founded by experienced alumni of IIM, IIT & REC (NIT). MILESTONES: BUSINESS • 88000+ Registered Users • 35000+ Assessments conducted • 125+ recruitment drives • 65+ Partner universities • 50+ Partner companies for recruitments • 600+ candidates placed
  26. 26. | Certification  Build Resume and assess the quality through a Resume Rating Score  Practice Voice quality online via Audio recorder and tag it to the resume  Practice Aptitude Tests unlimited times & get the assessment score  Complete GCCR online on being "Job Ready" through over 44 video clips and Gets Certified  Practice Mock interviews online while recording & assessing self video clips  Code, Compile, Execute & Learn (C, C++, Java, .Net) Technical Skills  Written English Assessment and Analysis to improve written english proficiency BENEFITS TO STUDENT  Dynamic & real- time self- assessment on 7 parameters  Benchmarking on 7 parameters  Access to Job market  Value for Money  Get Industry Ready  First of its kind psychometric assessment developed in-house by TalentBridge
  27. 27. Aspires to create campus leaders who will be the torch bearers for TalentBridge activities in their campus Develop LEADERSHIP Skills Belong to NETWORK of vLeader Develop MANAGEMENT Skills Receive INTERNSHIP Certificate Free iLap platform usage Be a crusader for tomorrow For Details visit: HURRY APPLICATIONS HAVE ALREADY STARTED CAMPUS AMBASSADOR PROGRAM
  28. 28. 2013
  29. 29. Outreach Partners
  30. 30. All the Best OR