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ReStores Challenge - Team SYENE


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Published in: Business, Technology
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ReStores Challenge - Team SYENE

  1. 1. Presented byTuhin Das and Sarah Sayed October 3rd, 2010 Renovate your home, build a dream. Support habitat for humanity while promoting environmental responsibility
  2. 2. 1) Business Objectives: – Increase Sales, visitor frequency, spending habits of current customers 2) Social Objectives: – Further promote aluminum can project to build houses and other initiatives – Support Habitat for humanity
  3. 3. Organization Venture Services Outreach Medium Oxfam Second hand store Clothes and accessories, books, music, moves - online retailer provides online gift cards for birthday gifts and occasions Salvation Army Thrift Family stores Second had outlet for bargain shopping - Promoted by the Salvation Army through TV and donations campaigns - Minimum information on the website, an online store locator - student clubs , Community centers Goodwill industries Goodwill Stores discounted clothes, appliances, furniture - Online auctioning site, face book, twitter - Online store locator - Promotion by the organization Stardust building supplies Supplier Environmental responsibility Building supplies, new and gently used items. deconstruction s - website - golf fundraiser, free makeover for individual in need - demolition for high profile celebrity - raffle to win kitchen cabinets Build It Green! NYC supplier retail outlet for used and surplus building materials - website, featured items - public: co-hosted tennis table ping pong tournament - TV: ReUse makeover ABC show, CBS, - magazine awards, Newspaper ,non-traditional employment for woman - University programs to get volunteers/ interns
  4. 4. Small contractors • Meet BOB Young Couples/ do-it-yourselfers Retirees/ do-it- yourselfers Interior Designers/ do-it- yourselfers Tech Savvy Price Sensitive Radio Word of Mouth Radio Price Sensitive Flyers E-Newsletters Price Sensitive Flyers A B CD E-Newsletters Price Sensitive Flyers
  5. 5. • Target do-it-yourself is and trade contractors • Printing costs subsidized •Recruit high school student for distribution •look up potential suppliers - strategic distribution • Tim Horton’s, community centers local business • no HST tax
  6. 6. • Chin radio : Looking for home renovation supplies? Restore retailers offer deep discounts on new and lightly used building materials. New inventory comes in every week, quality products at over 50% off the retail prices. 100% of Restores sales directly go to Habitat for Humanity’s affordable housing projects in the Ottawa area.Visit more information. • University Radio Stations: Looking for social and environmentally responsible home renovation and décor material? Restore is a non-for-profit volunteer based retailer that offers incredibly low prices on new and lightly used building materials. New inventory comes in every week; Find that perfect one-of-a kind design piece. 100% ReStores profits support Habitat for Humanity affordable housing projects in the Ottawa while actively reducing landfill waists through recycling programs.Visit more information.
  7. 7. • presence in local fundraisers and/or sporting events – volleyball tournament, 5K, 10K runs.T • partner with related local organizations, – high profile fundraisers, BBQ, banner, tee-shirts • promoting Habitat for humanity • renovation projects for media coverage • recruit high local school student – pop cans to build homes • environmental organizations in Ottawa – Friends of the Central Experimental Farm – Friends of the Earth. “Unique objects at unbeatable costs “ “Renovate your home, build a dream.”
  8. 8. Low Cost Banners • Clear ReStore Brand Positioning • Piggy Backing technique
  9. 9. • Separating the ReStore branding and giving it it’s own identity – Tweaking the website to increase ReStore’s presence – Social Media Presence • Four IdentifiableTarget Marketing Groups – Custom flyers and e-newsletters to the different target audiences • Traditional MarketingTechniques – Radio broadcasts – Use of best practices identified from other stores and organizations • Cause Outreach – Local community events – BBQs – Local sports event (fundraising) – Partnering up with local environmental organizations – Engaging local university and high-school students