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What is Talenox - A HR experience designed for people first


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Talenox is a Human Capital Management platform on the cloud. Manage all your HR processes in one platform and gain access to fully-integrated Profiles, Payroll, and Leave Management apps. Best of all, we’ve made the apps so intuitive, you don’t have to be a HR professional to use them. Access our website now at or find out more on and begin the setup of your workforce quickly and easily.

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What is Talenox - A HR experience designed for people first

  1. 1. made with ♥ An HR experience designed for people first.
  2. 2. Many companies are still using Excel/Google sheet and inefficient legacy HR software to run their business in APAC. Eg. Prosoft, Timesoft, Sage. This is REAL CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT © 2017 TALENOX PTE LTD
  3. 3. - Josh Bersin by Deloitte Predictions for 2014 Research Report (Bersin by Deloitte) “Current HR software are not user-friendly, which is the key concern of the clients.” “Human Capital Management Market to grow from $10.96 Billion in 2014 to $17.49 Billion by 2019…” - PR Newswire CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT © 2017 TALENOX PTE LTD
  4. 4. TALENOX The friendliest Payroll and Leave Management Software. An HR experience for people first. TRY 30 DAYS FREE The
  5. 5. Easy-to-use Onboard in 20 minutes (self-serve) Fully integrated Cluttered and difficult to use Require a consultant to onboard 1 - 3 months to fully understand system CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT © 2017 TALENOX PTE LTD Legacy Enterprise Software Better - Simplify Design
  6. 6. 1 simple pricing: Monthly subscription per employee per month Expensive implementation cost Possible customisation cost (S$800 - S$1,200 per man day) Per employee pricing (with high minimum fee) Monthly Subscription per employee per month Cheaper - Disruptive Pricing Model ++ Implementation Fee Customisation Fee Monthly Subscription CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT © 2017 TALENOX PTE LTD Legacy Enterprise Software
  7. 7. Users love us! Let’s spread the love. Ben Lee, Sarnies Cafe Talenox has been a game-changer for us managing our HR and payroll. It has saved us a load of time and money. Any business must be on this. Friedrich, Marco Marco Perhaps the simplest HR software I have ever used. Roxanne Toh, Artichoke Talenox is a powerful and simple solution, and has clearly given the industry a much needed face lift. Will , Pacamara Cafe Tedious processes in a typical HRM software are simplified and made really easy for even a non- HR trained employee to manage! Joelin , Cresenture Talenox is intuitive and easy to use, processing of salary payments which used to take me hours can now be done in 10 minutes.Plus, Talenox is very client-oriented. Justin , Slake Talenox provides a simple HR software suitable for a startup. Consolidating payroll and leave recording software into a single cloud platform has saved much effort. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT © 2017 TALENOX PTE LTD ratings in Xero and Quickbooks app marketplace
  8. 8. Great businesses use Talenox Hundreds of Brands, Thousands of Users CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT © 2017 TALENOX PTE LTD
  9. 9. No more paperwork Complete Systems Integration Information in Profiles, Payroll, and Leave applications are seamlessly synced and updated in real-time. The Simplest Solution We constantly strive to design the most user-friendly applications so anyone, not just HR professionals, can use Talenox. Latest Statutory Updates Talenox is always up to date with the latest Employment Act and labour law changes. No Training Necessary Talenox is a self-service payroll and leave software in Singapore. We also have live chat support with a 100% response rate.
  10. 10. TRY 30 DAYS FREE Unlimited access to all apps Profiles Easily access, manage, and safeguard a central repository of your company and employee information. Onboard your entire company in a breeze We guarantee you’ll be able to setup your entire company in just a matter of minutes. Choose to import existing employee information or manually key it in.
  11. 11. TRY 30 DAYS FREE Payroll Learn how to run payroll and generate payslips. Localised statutory requirements and integrations Do away with manually calculating CPF, taxes, SDL, and donation funds. For a preview, check out our popular CPF Calculator. Export bank files (DBS, OCBC, UOB, and Standard Chartered) through GIRO or FAST. For Xero users, reconcile your accounts in one click.
  12. 12. TRY 30 DAYS FREE Leave Leave management can’t get any simpler than this. Create and approve leave for everyone. Manage leave grades, types, and preferences for individuals. Preset with mandatory employment leave types We preset statutory leave entitlements into our system. Calculate and set variations in Annual Leave, Childcare Leave, Maternity Leave, and Unpaid Leave, etc. Deductions and encashments are reflected in Payroll.
  13. 13. Well integrated ecosystem Banks Statutory Boards Accounting Platforms + most of the other corporate banks CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT © 2017 TALENOX PTE LTD
  14. 14. made with ♥ An HR experience designed for people first.