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Talenox Payroll (Hong Kong) - Itemised Payslip, MPF, IR856 and all statutory matters settled for you


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Talenox Payroll has come a long way since our first launch in 2014. Because of all our clients, partners and users in the Talenox community, we have achieve great simplicity with the current Talenox Payroll app.

After we launched Talenox SaaS self serve platform in July 2015, we have been gaining pretty good traction due to our design and we are still constantly improving on our design, always looking into the future of how Talenox will be like. More copycats and competitors are copying our design, but with our constant innovation, users are still switching over from existing platforms.


Payroll software was developed to help cut down the manual processes required to perform calculation for salaries and taxes. However, what the 1st generation payroll software did was mainly just that. The current legacy platforms are built on old school technology stack and they are pretty user-unfriendly, which leads to long onboarding and training processes. This is a key concern to users around the world.

Talenox is driving the next generation of change for enterprise software, focusing on mainly HR and Operations. Clients feedback that our platform is simple and easy-to-use, without the need for long training processes. We always put ourselves in the shoes of the users, pushing our limits for our technology stack and design.

So how easy is it to run payroll by using Talenox Payroll app? Here’s a preview.

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Talenox Payroll (Hong Kong) - Itemised Payslip, MPF, IR856 and all statutory matters settled for you

  1. 1. Talenox Payroll An HR experience designed for people first. made with ♥
  2. 2. Welcome to Talenox Payroll app! Here’s a guide to explore the functions in Payroll app. You can start by choosing the month to process payments and whether if it is a Bi-Monthly or Monthly payroll. Thereafter, choose the Employees involved. Normally, it’ll be all Active employees. Payroll App-ProcessPayment Click here
  3. 3. Processing Payment can be done easily in 3 steps. On the 2nd step, you can review your Monthly Payment tab and “Add Item+” if needed. We have pre-populated a list of pay items for you. Items in this tab will appear monthly when you process payments. For Ad Hoc items, head over to the next tab. Payroll App-ProcessPayment Add Item For Ad Hoc items Remarks appear in pay slips
  4. 4. In the Ad Hoc Payment/ Deduction section, you can add pay items such as Reimbursement, Commission, different kinds of Deductions and Allowances. You can fill up the remarks for each pay item and this will be shown on the pay slips. The example above shows that No Pay Leave is populated automatically from Leave app. Once you are done, click on “View Summary | Next>”. Payroll App-ProcessPayment From Leave App Hourly / Daily Pay Click to next step
  5. 5. In Step 3, you’ll just need to check through the summary and choose the Offline Cheque or Bank Transfer option, before clicking on “Save & Pay Later”. Payroll App-ProcessPayment Final Step
  6. 6. Once the 3 steps for Process Payments are completed, you’ll be brought to All Payments page. This is where you’ll be shown the multiple payments being processed. Usually there’ll be 1 - 3 payments (Eg. 1 for Basic Salary and the other for Commission). Once the last batch of payments is processed for the month, click on “Process MPF & View Month Total”. Payroll App-AllPayments Click to process MPF Perpaymentprocess
  7. 7. After MPF is processed, you’ll be brought to the Month Total page. This is where you can view your Payroll Summary, MPF Summary and Bank/ Cheque Listing. For Payroll Summary, this is the view the you will see. Payroll App-MonthTotal
  8. 8. As for MPF Summary, we broke it down to the individual items that are contributed in the MPF file, which you are going to export from Talenox. You can easily export the MPF file by clicking on “Export” on the top right and choose “MPF”. Payroll App-MonthTotal Click to export the various files
  9. 9. Aside from exporting MPF file, the “Export” button will present you with a list files to export, such as, Bank File, Payroll excel sheet, all employees’ Payslips and export payroll data of the month directly to Xero. Payroll App-ExportBankFile Click to export Payslips
  10. 10. As for exporting Payslips in Month Total, you will be shown a list of itemised payslips of every employee whose payments/ payroll has been processed for the month. Payroll App-ExportItemisedPayslips
  11. 11. However, if you would like to view individual pays slips of each employee, head over to the Payslips section as shown above. Payroll App-DropdownMenutoPayslips Click to Payslip
  12. 12. In the Payslips section, you will be shown a summary of your employees Year-To-Date (YTD) details. By clicking on the individual employee, you will get to see his/her payslip view. Payroll App-Payslips Click on individual row to proceed to payslip
  13. 13. The pay items in this new can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the arrow beside the main categories. If you would like to print the individual Payslip, click on “Print Payslip”. Payroll App-Payslips Click to Print Payslip
  14. 14. Employees will usually print their itemised payslip in physical copy or save it as .PDF for submission to banks for credit card application, loan application and also to statutory boards whenever needed. Payroll App-Payslips
  15. 15. ToreadmoreawesomearticlesonHRandTechnology, getitfromTalenox.