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Pull Time sheets from Deputy to Talenox


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At Talenox, we love Deputy, that's why we made it easy for you to connect your Deputy account to Talenox.

Once you have connected Deputy to Talenox and sync your cost centres and employees, start to explore importing approved time sheets from Deputy to Talenox for processing of payments/payroll. This guide will help you along the way.

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Pull Time sheets from Deputy to Talenox

  1. 1. Pull Time sheets from Deputy to Talenox An HR experience designed for people first. made with ♥
  2. 2. Now that you have connected Talenox to Deputy, you can start to pull approved time sheets from Deputy. Do note that you should have approved time sheets in Deputy before proceeding to import to Talenox. Talenox < > Deputy - Time sheets in Deputy
  3. 3. To import approved time sheets, select the Pay Period that you want to process payroll for, followed by the period where the time sheets were approved. Click on “Import from Deputy”. Talenox < > Deputy - Import Approved Time sheets to Talenox Click here
  4. 4. Once imported, the approved time sheets will be shown over here. You can select the time sheets that you would like to process payments / payroll for. If you would like to select all, check the top box. Check here Talenox < > Deputy - Import Approved Time sheets to Talenox
  5. 5. Once the time sheets are selected, click on “View Draft Payments | Next >”. Click here Talenox < > Deputy - Import Approved Time sheets to Talenox
  6. 6. Before clicking on “Submit Timesheets | Next >” to process payroll, please double check that employees are mapped to those in Talenox accurately. You can click on “Apply to others” to sync all entries of each employee. Talenox < > Deputy - Sync Employees & Process Payments Click here Sync Employees
  7. 7. Over at All Payments page, you can “Edit” the payment with the imported time sheets so that you can key in other pay items if needed. Talenox < > Deputy - Edit Payment Edit Payment
  8. 8. Over at the Hourly/Daily Attendance tab, you can find the imported time sheets with the details. Feel free to add the other need pay items before processing payroll. Talenox < > Deputy - Process Payment / Payroll
  9. 9. To read more awesome articles on HR and Technology, get it from Talenox.