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IR8A Amendment Submission on Talenox


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Being the leading HR SaaS platform for integration to IRAS, direct submission of IR8A from Talenox to IRAS has been a great help, cutting down many steps for IR8A submission.

Here's a guide to help you for IR8A amendment.

Head over to to try it out!

Psst... It's available on Talenox FREE plan too. :)

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IR8A Amendment Submission on Talenox

  1. 1. IR8A Amendment Submission An HR experience designed for people first. made with ♥
  2. 2. Hi there! You are viewing this because you have most likely submitted IR8A and realised that you have amendments to make. Fret not! We have designed the IR8A amendment flow for you to amend your submission. Talenox < > IRAS - Amending IR8A Click here
  3. 3. After you have clicked on “Make amendment” in the previous screen, choose the employee(s) that you would like to make amendment for. Thereafter, click on “continue to make amendment”. Talenox < > IRAS - Amending IR8A Click here
  4. 4. As you head over to the specific employee’s IR8A to make amendments, you’ll just need to overwrite the previous value with the new one. The previous value was the value that you have submitted. Talenox < > IRAS - Amending IR8A Click here
  5. 5. Once you have updated the values, eg. Director’s fees, remember to “Save” your changes. Amendment will only be submitted after changes are saved. Talenox < > IRAS - Amending IR8A Click here
  6. 6. Upon saving the changes, select the affected employee(s). Thereafter, click on “View Overall Report” to submit your amendment. Talenox < > IRAS - Amending IR8A Click here
  7. 7. You can “validate IR8A files”. Thereafter, click on “Submit AIS with CorpPass” to submit the amendment(s) made. Talenox < > IRAS - Amending IR8A Click here
  8. 8. IRAS team will take around 1 - 2 weeks to check through the file and get back with an acknowledge email. You can also check your status over at myTaxPortal. All the best for IR8A submission! Talenox < > IRAS - Amending IR8A
  9. 9. To read more awesome articles on HR and Technology, get it from Talenox.