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Guide to Talenox Employee Apps


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Talenox is a cloud-based HR software designed to manage payroll and leave, and store precious employee details from a central location. Based in Singapore, Talenox has been nominated Best Payroll Software by HRM Asia and is partners with Asia’s leading banks.

Currently available in Singapore and Hong Kong, Talenox is fully integrated with Xero’s accounting software and Quickbooks Online. It also comes preset with country-specific employment regulations. Say hi to them at!

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Guide to Talenox Employee Apps

  1. 1. Guide to Talenox Employee Apps An HR experience designed for people first. made with ♥
  2. 2. Welcome to Talenox! Here’s a guide to explore the various functions you have access to. First, click on the link in your invite email sent by your HR to activate your account. If you have activated your account, click on “Log In” button on the top right of Talenox home page as shown. logging in to Talenox Click here
  3. 3. Once you are at the Log In page, fill up your Email and Password . When you are ready, click on “Sign In” to access your account. logging in to Talenox Fill up and Click here
  4. 4. Great! You have accessed your account. First, you are greeted with 3 apps - My Profile, Payslip and Leave. Let’s start with My Profile app. Click on the “My Profile” icon. (to contact us for help, you can click on the bottom right blue chat button) Dashboard View Click here This is where you can contact us for help :)
  5. 5. In My Profile, which is your own profile, you’ll be able to update your personal and Next-of-Kin details if you would like to be granted leave types like Maternity, Paternity and Marriage Leave. You can also view your job details. My Profile app
  6. 6. Over at Payslip app, you are presented with your own payslip for the current month. You can expand and collapse the pay items by clicking on the arrow found on the left of each item. To print the physical payslip or save a pdf copy, click on “Print Payslip”. Payslip app Click to view payslip (.pdf)
  7. 7. Here’s the .pdf payslip under “Print Payslip” view. This is where you can print the physical copy of your payslip or save as .pdf for loan and credit card applications. To get back to previous page, click on “Back” keyboard button. Payslip app
  8. 8. If you are presented with an empty screen, it means that HR has not published the payslip for the month. To get to the payslips of the previous months, just click the left button. Payslip app To view previous pay slips
  9. 9. Let’s head over to Leave app now! To access the Leave app, proceed to the top left drop down menu and click on the Leave app icon. :) Payslip app Let’s head to Leave app!
  10. 10. In Leave app, you’ll be shown the status view first. Over here, you can view your own or other team mates’ applications, depending on the view settings. To head over to calendar view, click on Manage Leave Policies on the left and choose “Leave Calendar”. Leave app - Status View / Leave Status
  11. 11. In the Month View / Leave Calendar, you can view the various Leave applications of other team members. Over here, you can apply leave by clicking on the Apply Leave” button on the top right. Leave app - Month View / Leave Calendar Click to Apply Leave
  12. 12. Select from a list of various Leave Types (Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Off-in-lieu and every other statutory leave you are entitled to). Leave app - Applying Leave Choose Leave Type
  13. 13. In Step 3, you can choose to apply leave for a single day or for multiple days. If the Leave Balance is not sufficient, an error message will be shown on the top right. As you choose the days, the period will be reflected on the calendar (shown on the right). Choose Single Day or Multiple Days Leave app - Applying Leave
  14. 14. Once you have chosen the days for leave applcation, you can view which days are working or non-working days, which is set by your HR. Upon adding in your Remarks, click on “Submit Application”. Time to submit your leave application! Leave app - Applying Leave
  15. 15. Now that you have learnt how to apply leave, you can take a look at your Leave Profile. To view your Leave Profile, head to the secondary navigation bar and click on “My Leave Profile” on the dropdown menu. Click on My Leave Profile Leave app - Applying Leave
  16. 16. In My Leave Profile, the first tab you are presented with is Leave Entitlement. To understand the in-depth details, click on the help ticker for the breakdown Leave app - My Leave Profile Click on help ticker (i) for details
  17. 17. The second tab is Activities. These are the leave that you have applied. You can sort it easily with the sorting function on the top header row. Leave app - My Leave Profile
  18. 18. Well, hope that you have a great overview of what you can do on Talenox. Have fun using it! In the event if you need help, you can click on the bottom right blue chat button to reach out to us. Let’s go through some additional features for Approvers next. In-App Chat
  19. 19. In Approver View, you’ll be able to Approve, Reject and View leave applications of team mates under your approval structure. Leave app (Approver)
  20. 20. Over at Leave Balances, you are able to have an overview of everyone in your approval structure. To view each team mate’s Leave Profile, click on the employee’s name. Leave app (Approver) Click to access each team mate’s Leave Profile
  21. 21. Here’s how the Leave Profile looks like, which is similar to that of an employee’s view. Have a great time on Talenox! :) Leave app (Approver)
  22. 22. To read more awesome articles on HR and Technology, get it from Talenox.