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Infographic - Data Economics Are Broken


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Built for cloud and big data, Talend Cloud allows you
to liberate your data from everything that’s holding it back.

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Infographic - Data Economics Are Broken

  1. 1. ai-blockchain-iot/ DATA ECONOMICS ARE BROKEN 3X INCREASE IN SELF-SERVE DATA PRACTITIONERS DATA VOLUMES DOUBLE EVERY YEAR* IT BUDGETS ARE ONLY GROWING BY 4.5% PUT MORE DATA TO WORK THE TRANSFORMATIONAL POWER OF DATA REMAINS ELUSIVE Embrace continuous innovation It's time to liberate your data. Contact Talend to find out more. The “perfect storm” of data is happening right now.   What do enterprises do with all this data? The business side is demanding real-time access. Enterprises strive for innovation, yet are trapped in a legacy cycle. Disrupt Data Economics Deliver Data You Can Trust Make Data a Team Sport