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Welcome to windows 8


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Presented on MLK day for Boston Tech meetup, Talbott introduces Windows 8 and some tips for installing the Developer Preview.

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Welcome to windows 8

  1. 1. Welcome to Windows 8 Talbott Crowell MVP
  2. 2. Thanks to @talbott
  3. 3. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace is not merely a distant goal weseek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal Paraphrased from Christmas Sermon 1967
  4. 4. About @talbott• ThirdM Solutions Architect• SharePoint Consultant• Microsoft F# MVP• Author, Blogger, Tweeter @talbott
  5. 5. What is Windows 8 The next OS release from Microsoft “Developer Distinctive Preview” “touch first” Pre-beta Metro UserDownload Available Experience The Beta is expected February @talbott
  6. 6. Demonstration1. Tiles2. Metro apps3. Transfer between desktop and start screen
  7. 7. Which version should I install?I am a power user Power User – Windows 8 Developer Preview 32-bit (x86) – Windows 8 Developer Preview 64-bit (x64)I am a developer Developer – Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools 64-bit (x64) • Burn ISO to disk requires DVD+R DL (double layer) @talbott
  8. 8. Bare metal vs Virtual machine• Bare metal – Fastest – Need a dedicated machine or dual boot• Virtual machine – Disposable – One level of indirection @talbott
  9. 9. Steps (for installing on bare metal) • Get a Windows Live ID – if you don’t already have one • Download ISO • Burn DVD* • Boot computer up with DVD • Install OS • Use a Windows Live ID to log in for the first time • Run Windows Update* For developers, be sure to use the “with developer tools” @talbottimage and DVD+R DL disk
  10. 10. Windows Update• Installs drivers• Updates Visual Studio 11 bits• Check your “Device Manager” to see if you have any missing device drivers – If you do, go to your computer vendor and download Windows 7 drivers for the missing components @talbott
  11. 11. The Software• For MSDN subscribers – Install Office 2010• For Developers – First test Visual Studio 11 Express • Metro Windows 8 only templates – Install Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview • Gives you the rest of the development suite for desktop application development, ASP.NET, etc…• Run Windows Update (again… lots of patches) @talbott
  12. 12. Personalize• Install your favorite development and productivity tools• Install Firefox or some other browser in case IE10 preview can’t connect to the sites – support @talbott
  13. 13. Where is the Start Menu?• Simple fix to my blog) @talbott
  14. 14. Configure Desktop• Add Program Menu – Or Start Menu• Add Shut down shortcut – Hibernate, Sleep, Restart, etc…• Add icons to desktop (Control Panel) @talbott
  15. 15. Demonstration1. Add Start / Programs menu to desktop2. Add Shutdown / Sleep / Restart shortcuts
  16. 16. What is Metro?• User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) guidelines• Bauhaus influenced• “Chromeless” – Omission of lots of unnecessary borders• Introduced in 2010 with Windows Phone 7 @talbott
  17. 17. Metro Design Principals• Clean, Light, Open, Fast, Flow• Alive and In Motion• Content not Chrome• Celebrate Typography• Authentically DigitalSee Paul Laberge’s post: @talbott
  18. 18. Metro vs Desktop• Metro is the primary interface for Windows 8 tablet and touch screen interface• Desktop is similar to Windows 7 traditional UI @talbott
  19. 19. Charms• Contracts for – Share – Search – Devices @talbott
  20. 20. Snapping• Allows for 2 apps at the same time• Build your application s to format nicely when snapped @talbott
  21. 21. Application Bar• Right-click• Swipe from bottom – Demo: Weather and IE @talbott
  22. 22. Using Internet Explorer• When a page doesn’t work in Metro (Youtube Flash for example) – Right-click to access the Application Bar – View in Desktop Mode @talbott
  23. 23. Usedesktop view
  24. 24. Flash now works
  25. 25. Demonstration1. Browser tricks
  26. 26. WinRT – Back to the Future• WinRT is “closer to the metal” than .NET• Evolution of COM• Highly performant (pick a language) – C++ • Most direct access – JavaScript + HTM5 – C#/VB.NET/F# @talbott
  27. 27. Evolution of Windows API’s(How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the WinRT) Windows Runtime Overview
  28. 28. 1990’s• Win 32 abstraction layer for developers to target old (Win95) and new (NT) operating systems My VB 4 App My C++ App Win32 Windows 95 Windows NT 4 @talbott
  29. 29. 2002-2007• .NET allowed for My VB 7 or C# App My My simpler VB.NE VB 6 C++ C# development T App App• Still abstracted by .NET VB 6 C++ Win32• Native apps using Win32 VB6 and C++ still Windows 2000 / XP popular @talbott
  30. 30. 2007-2012.NET Rules multiple platforms and becomesthe new abstraction layer Windows, Silverlight, Azure, WP7, etc… My C++ My Desktop .NET App My Cloud .NET App App F# VB C# F# VB C# C++ .NET Windows XP, Windows Vista, Silverlight Azure Phone 7 Windows 7 @talbott
  31. 31. 2012-2017 My Windows 8/Metro App My .NET App F# VB C# C++ F# VB C# JavaScript .NET .NET Windows RuntimeWindows XP, Vista, Windows 8Windows 7 @talbott
  32. 32. Using the Windows Runtime from C# and Visual Basic Pierson //buildJesse Kaplan My Windows 8/Metro App My .NET App F# VB C# C++ F# VB C# JavaScript .NET .NET & WinRT .NET Windows Runtime Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8 Windows 7 @talbott
  33. 33. As covered at //build Windows Runtime @talbott
  34. 34. Demonstration1. Building a Metro Style Application
  35. 35. XAML is the Common Denominator XAMLDesktop Apps Metro / Mobile Aps WindowsPresentatio Silverligh Windows n t Phone Windows 8Foundation .NET Framework Desktop Silverlight Windows Phone Windows CLR CLR CLR RuntimeCommon Language Runtime (WinRT)
  36. 36. WinRT versus .NET FrameworkArea .NET Metro WinRT FrameworkUser Silverlight and New Namespace:Interface Windows Phone Windows.UI.Xaml.* componentsI/O synchronous async/awaitStrorage Isolated Storage Windows.Storage.Application Data.CurrentThreading ThreadPool TaskReflection Type.GetMethods Type.GetTypeInfo().Declared MethodsMisc IComparable Icomparable<T>See: @talbott
  37. 37. Other Exiting News• The names and release dates may change• Microsoft wants to insure quality over date• Silverlight 5 (released)• SQL Server 2012 (release candidate zero)• Visual Studio 2012 (I’m guessing the name)• Azure SDK 1.6 (released)• Azure support for Java, PHP, node.js, Hadoop @talbott
  38. 38. Videos• Build Conference• ScottGu on Azure• Pluralsight (subscription) @talbott
  39. 39. Trivia QuizWho is the guy in the middle?
  40. 40. Trivia Quiz : Answer Bob MarleyBunny PeterWailer Tosh 1965
  41. 41. Call to action• Power Users – Download Windows 8 today and play around with it• Developers – Learn XAML if you haven’t already • Silverlight 5 • Windows Phone 7 • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) – Download Windows 8 with Developer Tools and build Metro Apps! @talbott
  42. 42. RaffleOne year subscription (Annual Plus)$500 value @talbott
  43. 43. Thank You Follow me @talbott