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Start InNegev Pre-Incubator Program 2021

Start InNegev is an 8 weeks online Pre-Incubator program, designed to improve and upgrade the skills and readiness of its startuppers, to join InNegev Incubator. The program includes professional guidance and mentoring by leading professional speakers as well support and guidance by the Incubator management and its business partners.

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Start InNegev Pre-Incubator Program 2021

  1. 1. Start InNegev Pre Incubator Program
  2. 2. Start InNegev is an 8 weeks online Pre-Incubator program, designed to improve and upgrade the skills and readiness of its startuppers, to join InNegev Incubator. The program includes professional guidance and mentoring by leading professional speakers as well support and guidance by the Incubator management and its business partners. Agtech Foodtech Cleantech About 02 Industry 4.0
  3. 3. Interim CEO & CFO Dror Green VP Projects Management Noa Isralowitz Program Director Tal Catran The Team The InNegev team leverages a proven record of success in the industrial, financial, and academic spheres, to present startuppers with the precise tools they need to progress, grow, and succeed. VP Business Development Amir Tzach 03
  4. 4. 2021 1 Cohort Startups #Agtech #FoodTech #CleanTech #Industry40 04 st
  5. 5. Next Problem The most common pathogens infecting agricultural produce are of fungi super- family origin. Farmers, growers and food manufacturers are losing annually $120B due to spoilage, worldwide. Traditional pesticides are toxic, non- specific and often result in emergence of resistant strains of fungi. Solution A safe and effective target-specific biological control agent, capable to prevent and eliminate pathogenic fungi. The biocontrol agent will be compatible with and will seamlessly integrate with common irrigation systems. Our products will provide a wide protection at pre- and post- harvest stage. Our biocontrol agents are safe to the plants and eco-friendly. Contact +972-52-2709-527 +972-55-8893-056 Fungit BioSolutions 05 LIAT AVRAHAMI SHIMON LECHT
  6. 6. Next Problem The major problem of manufacturing and production machines and equipment is a malfunction or breakdown due to insufficient maintenance. Currently the failsafe mechanism of machines is not offering information and alert regarding lack of maintenance and need in preventative maintenance. Solution We are developing a system comprised of sensors and software, constantly monitoring, detecting and alerting a need for preventative maintenance, preventing breakdown resulting in loss of time and money. Contact +972-50-8655-217 Optify 06 EVGENIY BARAM
  7. 7. Next Problem Outdoor athletes need to eat frequently in order to feel energized. Carbs, protein, and fat are all necessary for the body in well-balanced amounts, but their quality also matters. Our body needs more than just plain sugar or a few amino acids, it needs quality building blocks. Just as importantly, the soul needs it to taste good. Those are qualities you cannot find on the market today. Solution A vegan, nutrient-rich, tasty energy bar, developed using an Israeli-patented plant- based protein, a blend of simple and complex carbs, including fruit sugar instead of white sugar, and a novel smart carb that prolongs energy supply and promotes fat burning. Our bar is rich in fiber and contains a blend of minerals and vitamins which are ideal for long- term, high-intensity activity. Contact +972-54-5424-503 Arava Nutrition 07 BAR ROSENFELD
  8. 8. Next Solution Our innovation is developing replicate insect's geometry into technology. We achieve this by investigating the insect and simulating is motion planning and other behavior mainly swarm. Problem The lack of low silhouette robotic agent that can collecting data mapping or intelligence on the ground. SheerCost BionicANT 08 YODAN PIRET Contact +972-54-9424-980
  9. 9. Next Problem There is a global crisis - the bees are disappearing. Bees are responsible for 30% of the food we consume. The bees are a fascinating animal for breeding and observation. Bonus - honey for home consumption. Solution IVRY-B is a beehive for home and educational use. A unique hive for amateur beekeepers. The design and structure of the hive allows the bees to develop in optimal conditions and for us to observe the life of the bees in a unique way. Contact +972-50-6276-319 IVRY-B 09 YUVAL IVRY Eran Ivry
  10. 10. Next Problem The usage of lithium-ion batteries is increasing rapidly, involving also an increase in accidents such as fire and explosion of the batteries caused by overheating, resulting in damage and loss of lives. Solution Developing a device capable to predict an abnormal heating of a lithium-ion battery during the charging, alert using a mobile app as well as stop the charging process When the danger is detected the battery charging will be shut down and the user will be warned and saved. Contact +972-52-3221-701 Battery Predictor 10 ZEEV AFRIAT
  11. 11. Next Solution allow the user to find and order product online. Foliist provides an algorithm that based on crowdsourcing which analyzes consumer habit ,user preferences and medical condition against plant data and grow. Foliist uses smart search engine that search in more than 100 pharmacies stocks and Problem 790 this is the amount of cannabis strains. patient that get license to medical cannabis need to find which strain fit to his pain without prior knowledge or studies to rely on. Patient need to find where to buy them between hundred of different pharmacies. Foliist 11 BAR TUHAF Contact +972-52-6147-665 OR CHEMO
  12. 12. Next Problem These days, it is hard to keep track of many tasks that need to be done by many types of workers. By using our unique prioritization algorithm more tasks can be executed in less time and with fewer employees. In factories, hotels, and buildings there is no computerized system that knows how to manage workers and equipment, with the tasks and make sure that everything is done on schedules. Solution Follo's computerized management system manages the tasks and the assets based on the various activities. It can be adapted to any task in any organization. Using motion sensors spared throughout the facility, Follo documents and tracks in real- time each task until it's done. Contact +972-50-2236-802 Follo 12 SHAY HIHINASHWILI
  13. 13. Next Solution FABRIXCARE Textile is made with an exclusive formula of non-toxic, clean and active ingredients, which improve the skin for smoother, elastic and significantly younger appereance. Anti-aging Stimulating and anti-stress body wear Protection Eco-friendly, organic and natural origin textile Problem Modern life is effected by high level expectations, leaving busy time and becomes more depended on health care. Our skin becomes older because of sun damage, stress and harmful environment. Contact +972-54-6938-987 +972-54-5534-830 FABRIXCARE Solution 13 MARGARITA BEL KOSTA PRESS
  14. 14. Next Problem Cutting patterns for sewing and crafts: Today there’s no Home-Use automation solution for a large cutting surface Limited uses Not accurate Wasting material Wasting time Solution efCut is a Smart Cutting Machine with a large surface that offers unlimited use for Home Users and a Boutique Manufacturing use for custom production of certain products in limited quantities by a restricted level of automation. Contact +972-52-4772-471 efCut 14 EFRAT HADAD
  15. 15. Next Problem The loading and unloading of dishes into an industrial dishwasher like those found at army bases, hotels and hospitals not only requires time, resources, manpower, and energy, it is also not done in a sterile manner. Solution A smart robotic system that uses AI technology to identify plates, cups, cutlery, food trays and other tableware, loading them directly into and removing them from the industrial dishwasher autonomously. Contact +972-50-5451-629 Armadillo 15 AVIV COHEN ORTAL ORIT ARVIV YITZHAK REVIVO
  16. 16. Next Solution INOSECT is developing a modular and automated industrialized device, ® for the intensive cultivation of fly larvae. The technology is focused on the need for a large scale operation solution's and it is suited to handle with an industrialized input of all nontoxic organic wastes. Contact +972-54-4780-152 Inosect 16 YANIV BAR Problem As the new and promising insect farming industry is evolving, an increasing need is rising for the development of reliable industrial scaling-up technologies. Our solution lies in a problem that arises from one of the stages in the cultivation process. The fattening stage suffers from a limiting factor that inhibits the industry growth and is, the prevalent use of digestive basins as the dominant fattening technique with a level of technological complexity that varies in the different facilities recently established for mass rearing of insects.
  17. 17. Next Problem Ensuring building infrastructures are kept safe, operational and maintained 24/7, requires electronic and digital sensors. The current sensoring system can’t detect if the monitored system will work in time of need, having severe implication in emergency situations. In addition, cyber-attacks on infrastructure systems are becoming frequent, due to lack of detection and major implications. Solution Developing an AI system capable to monitor, detect, alert and offer remediation actions, ensuring continuous and improved protection of buildings infrastructure system. Contact +972-54-2338-207 InFraML 17 DVIR BUENO
  18. 18. Next Solution STEVE develops an innovative, state of the art automated mobile storage and retrieval system, (ASRS) integrated with drone Swarm technology for autonomously and automatically delivering packages, which will revolutionize the last mile delivery market. Problem The cost of the final leg of delivery to the customer’s doorstep, accounts for more than half of the total delivery expense. Moreover, last mile delivery is considered complex and yet inefficient part of the supply chain. Steve 18 ITAY TAYAS ZAMIR Contact +972-50-9575135
  19. 19. Problem Traditionally the Date Cultivation is based on intensive labor with: -High labor expenses and availability of qualified human resources. -High human Risk working at 12-meter heights and more. -Compromised quality derived from available workers working at heights above head. Solution Autonomous robotic system guided by AI computer vision that performs all five operations effectively Fast, and accurately, with one worker in place 8-12 workers for 20 hectares. Contact +972-52 4487-786 +972-52-5977-025 Robo Date 19 DORON BALAISH ELI PERETZ Next
  20. 20. Partners 20 Alpha Capital
  21. 21. Contact Us! Take the next step in your success story. Adress Idan Hanegev House, Hakayamut 5 st. Rahat Email Website LinkedIn