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SamurAI KPCC Kamoike Team 発表スライド


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チーム KPCC Kamoike Team が SamurAI Coding の Final Roundで発表したスライドです。

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SamurAI KPCC Kamoike Team 発表スライド

  1. 1. KPCC Kamoike Team 渡邊 俊太 Shunta Watanabe 林 瑛晟 Teruaki Hayashi 都築 本成 Motonari Tsuzuki 尾城 拓真 Takuma Ojiro
  2. 2. Algorithm • Tree searching and pruning with evaluation functions. • Based on positional relation with an enemy and obstructions. • Search depth:15~7 • According to the remaining time and the difficulty. • Predict the route of enemy and attempt to forestall. • Course prediction • Using the datasets from preliminary round.