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Brazil National School Meal Program: From Family Farmers to 47 Million Students


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Presentation given by Fabio Gomes of Ministry of Health of Brazil, Marie da Silva and Dillian Adelaine César da Silva.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Brazil National School Meal Program: From Family Farmers to 47 Million Students

  1. 1. Leave the desk! Food, Nutrition and Cancer Division Prevention and Surveillance Coordination General Coordination of Strategic Actions Ministry of Health – BRAZIL fabio da silva gomes 17-19 Detroit - USA May 2010
  2. 2. fabio da silva gomes
  3. 3. fabio da silva gomes “ I told you so !!!”
  4. 4. fabio da silva gomes
  5. 5. fabio da silva gomes
  6. 6. fabio da silva gomes
  7. 7. fabio da silva gomes Brazilian Priorities Brazilian Good Practices Ministries (e.g. Health; Education; Agrarian Development; Agriculture; Social Development; Environment; Cities) Universities Civil Society (e.g. National Council of Food and Nutrition Security, Brazilian Institute of Consumers Defense)
  8. 8. fabio da silva gomes
  9. 9. fabio da silva gomes Food & Nutrition Education (e.g. Health; Education) Food Supply, Availability and Affordability (e.g. Education; Agriculture) Food Safety (including pesticides control) (e.g. Health; Agriculture; Environment) Other Federal Government Actions
  10. 10. fabio da silva gomes Cultural and Symbolic Dimension (e.g. Health; Social Development) Linking local, consumption and production (e.g. Education; Environment; Social Development; Agriculture) Preservation of agri-biodiversity / transition (e.g. Agriculture; Social Development) Other Federal Government Actions
  11. 11.
  12. 12. fabio da silva gomes Regulation of Competing Food (e.g. Health; ...) Other Federal Government Actions
  13. 13. fabio da silva gomes Food Marketing Regulation
  14. 14. fabio da silva gomes Food Marketing Regulation
  15. 15. fabio da silva gomes
  16. 16. fabio da silva gomes Food in 4D
  17. 17. fabio da silva gomes
  18. 18. fabio da silva gomes 3rd World Congress of Public Health Nutrition Rio de Janeiro - 2012
  19. 19. fabio da silva gomes One more reason to be here 1st International Farm to Cafeteria Conference “ Connecting Locals Worldwide”
  20. 21. Camilla Vargas Enrique Jacoby Emily Becker Laura Irizarry Rachel Smith
  21. 22. Contact fabio da silva gomes [email_address] [email_address] +55 21 3970-7514 +55 21 9807-3660