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20111016 adaptation sato


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20111016 adaptation sato

  1. 1. Adaptation 16th Oct 2011 Shinichi Sato
  2. 2. Before presentation Page 2 There is 2 expressions in this presentation for the developing countries. For the developing countries. For the developed countries. Additionally, citation is written in dashed box. Citation You should remember them during my presentation.
  3. 3. What is adaptation? Page 3 <Conception> Mitigation Human Earth Adaptation <Negotiation> Mitigation > Adaptation Fig.1 Risk as a function of global temperature It is from The Adaptation Sub-Committee 1st report. It is simplified chart in the IPCC WGII AR4.
  4. 4. History of negotiation about adaptation Page 4 Table.1 History of negotiation about adaptationCOP6(1999) Kyoto Protocol Adaptation Fund was agreed. Special Climate Change Fund(SCCF), Least Developed Countries Fund(LDCF),COP7(2001) Adaptation Fund(AF) was adopted.COP8(2002) Delhi Ministerial Declaration -Nothing particular-COP9(2003) SCCF:taking into account national communicationsCOP10(2004) Buenos Aires programme of workCOP11/CMP1(2005) SBSTA five-year programme of workCOP12/CMP2(2006) Nairobi work programme(NWP) It’s 2-year work of SBSTA 5-year programme of work.COP13/CMP3(2007) AF is supervised and managed by the Adaptation Fund Board (AFB) with GEF.COP14/CMP4(2008) AF: the procedure & how to access was agreed.COP15/CMP5(2009) Copenhagen Accord(CA). -Nothing particular-
  5. 5. Cancun Agreement <Finance> Page 595. Takes note of the collective commitment by developed countries to provide newand additional resources, including forestry and investments through internationalinstitutions, approaching USD 30 billion for the period 2010– -2012, with a balancedallocation between adaptation and mitigation; funding for adaptation will be prioritizedfor the most vulnerable developing countries, such as the least developed countries,small island developing States and Africa;98. Recognizes that developed country Parties commit, in the context of meaningfulmitigation actions and transparency on implementation, to a goal of mobilizingjointly USD 100 billion per year by 2020 to address the needs of developingcountries;
  6. 6. The costs of adaptation Page 6 Table.2 First generation estimates of adaptation costs in developing countries Citation:The costs of adaptation /Samuel Fankhauser(2009)
  7. 7. The costs of adaptation Page 7 Table.3 UNFCCC estimate of global adaptation costs Citation:The costs of adaptation /Samuel Fankhauser(2009)
  8. 8. Finance for adaptation Page 8 UNFCCC KP GEF Trustee :World Bank Global Environment Facility Secretariat:GEF SPA LDCF SCCF AF Strategic The Least Special Climate Adaptation Fund Priority on Developed Change Fund (2% of CERs Adaptation Countries Fund (142 mil. USD, (certified (CLOSED) (253 mil. USD) 126 mil. for emission adaptation) reductions)the GEF Trust Fund , 138 mil. USD) Support for pilot Support for national Support for Support for & demonstration adaptation programmes adaptation& adaptation under KP projects of action (NAPAs) technology transfer Fig.2 Finance for adaptation *Data is cited by some references written in last page.
  9. 9. Cancun Agreement <Adaptation> Page 913. Decides to hereby establish the Cancun Adaptation Framework encompassing theprovisions laid out below, with the objective of enhancing action on adaptation, includingthrough international cooperation and coherent consideration of matters relating toadaptation under the Convention;20. Decides to hereby establish an Adaptation Committee to promote theimplementation of enhanced action on adaptation in a coherent manner under theConvention, inter alia, through the following functions:A. Provision of technical support and guidance to the PartiesB. Sharing of relevant information, knowledge, experience and good practicesC. Promotion of synergy and strengthening of engagement with organizations, centres and networksD. Provision of information and recommendations for consideration by the Conference of the Partieswhen providing guidance on means to incentivize the implementation of adaptation actionsE. Consideration of information communicated by Parties on their monitoring and review of adaptationactions, support provided and received, possible needs and gaps and other relevant information
  10. 10. Document Page 10 Cancun Agreement21. Invites Parties to submit to the secretariat, by 21 February 2011, views on thecomposition of, and modalities and procedures for, the Adaptation Committee,including on proposed linkages with other relevant institutional arrangements; <Negotiation> A.Synthesis report (COP16 requested, March) It synthesized the submission by 35 Parties representing 144 Parties. B.Note by the Facilitator (in Bonn’s AWG, June) It was tentatively documented by the Facilitator. C.Draft decision text (in Panama’s AWG, Oct) It will be discussed whether adopted or not in COP17.
  11. 11. Composition -A- Page 11 Several: a majority of members representing developing country Parties.UN Fig.3 Membership proposals for the Adaptation Committee
  12. 12. Composition -B&C- Page 12 B <Option> (x) members from …… C Decides that the Adaptation Committee shall have a majority from developing country Parties …… <Option> 1. (x) members from five UN regional groups. 2. (x) members from five UN regional groups, SIDS and LDCs. 3. (x) members from Annex I/ Non Annex I. 2 advisory members from civil society.
  13. 13. Linkage -C- Page 13 27. Requests the Adaptation Committee to engage and work closely and in a coordinated manner with and to provide guidance to all existing and newly established adaptation-related work programmes, bodies and institutions under the Convention,B including, Option 1 As appropriate, through providing guidance, formulating joint programmes of work, undertaking joint activities and convening timely consultations and joint meetings; Option 2 But not limited to: (a) UNFCCC bodies such as NWP & LEG & CGE (b) Thematic bodies such as “loss & damage” & TEC (d) Outside of the Convention 28. Requests the Adaptation Committee to develop linkages with relevant institutions and bodies outside of the Convention, where appropriate, and to guide and draw upon the expertise, as appropriate, of regional adaptation centres and networks and national-level institutions;
  14. 14. Other topic Page 14 Decision Making A: By consensus or a majority B, C: By consensus. AFB:By consensus or a two-thirds majority Secretariat A: Some called for a dedicated unit B: UNFCCC secretariat shall support … C: the secretariat of the UNFCCC shall serve as the Secretariat of the Committee. Finance C: shall be funded by developed country Parties *nothing particular is drafted about budget.The Adaptation Committee will only examine the technical aspects of adaptation projects,while financial issues (fiduciary management) will be dealt with by the Green ClimateFund or other fund management mechanisms, as applicable
  15. 15. Other topic Page 15 Review Option 1(B,C) Decides that the objective, functions and performance of the Adaptation Committee shall be reviewed by the Conference of the Parties at its twentieth session, and thereafter every three years, with a view to ensuring effectiveness and efficiency. Option 2 (C) Decides that the Adaptation Committee shall operate for a term of four years, and that the Conference of the Parties will review the progress and performance of the Adaptation Committee and consider whether to extend this term at the twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties. Meetings1st MTG soon after COP17 at which members of the Adaptation Committee shall be electedOption 1Decides that, thereafter, the Adaptation Committee shall meet at least twice a year, whileretaining its flexibility to adjust the number of meetings to suit its needs;Option 2Decides that the Committee will meet twice every year in conjunction with UNFCCCmeetings to enable it to discharge its responsibilities;
  16. 16. References Page 16 Citation:The costs of adaptation /Samuel Fankhauser(2009) Status Report on the LDCF and SCCF 31 March 2011 Council Meeting Adaptation Fund trust Fund 31 January 2011 Decision 1/CP.16 FCCC/AWGLCA/2011/3 Note by the facilitator: draft decision text Draft decision text on enhanced action on adaptation: Adaptation Committee
  17. 17. Page 17 Thank you for listening.Any questions, comments, or suggestion are welcomed.