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20120729bhyve hackathon hasegaw_en


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BHyVe! BHyVe!

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20120729bhyve hackathon hasegaw_en

  1. 1. BHyVe HackathonActivity Summary ©2003 Project TIMEMACHINE BHyVe Hackathon July 29, 2012 Takeshi HASEGAWA [ja] @hasegaw / [en] @hasegaw_en
  2. 2. SummaryGoal•  Implement vmmls program to display the list of virtual machinesResult•  Implemented vmmls•  It also shows available memory 2
  3. 3. vmmls example 3
  4. 4. vmmls•  How –  Originally I tried to modify ls –  it was too rich, so finally I decided to write from scrach.•  What it does –  List the virtual machines •  no considerable difficulties here –  Show amount of available memory •  Oh my god... 4
  5. 5. Reporting available memory•  I wanted to show how much memory available.•  src/sys/amd64/vmm/vmm_mem.c has the avail memory pool which manages memory regions•  vmm_mem_steal_memory() –  Add available memory on physical machine to the memory pool•  vmm_mem_alloc(size_t size); –  Allocate memory to virtual machines from the memory pool•  vmm_mem_free(vm_paddr_t start, size_t size); –  Return allocated memory to the memory pool 5
  6. 6. Reporting available memory(cont.)•  BHyVe-sensei, I have a problem...•  The memory management is really minimum•  No one knows the amount of free memory!•  Calculated the amount of free memory –  Added new function in vmm_mem.c –  Calculates the sum of length of available memory segments 6
  7. 7. Reporting available memory(cont.)#define VMM_MEM_MAXSEGS 64/* protected by vmm_mem_mtx */static struct { vm_paddr_t base; vm_size_t length;} vmm_mem_avail[VMM_MEM_MAXSEGS]; 7
  8. 8. Reporting available memory(cont.) Host-Physical Memory (not used by FreeBSD) steal vmm_mem_avail allo ain allo ain allo ain c recl c recl c recl Guest A Guest B Guest C 8
  9. 9. Reporting available memory(cont.)•  Added the function to estimate available memory –  vmm_mem.c (in vmm.ko)•  Added a new ioctl to allow access from userland –  VM_GET_FREEMEM –  vmm_dev.c … added a new ioctl implementation –  vmm_dev.h … added a new ioctl definition•  Added a new function to libvmmapi –  vmmapi.c … added a new function API to get available memory amount•  Enhanced vmmls command by using the new API 9
  10. 10. Again,,, 10
  11. 11. Future work - 1•  Refactor the Ioctl() interface for VM_GET_FREEMEM –  ioctl() access for vmm.ko is available only when one or more VMs exist –  Ioctl(*, VM_GET_FREEMEM, ...) doesn t work when no VMs exists!•  More fancy APIs –  sysctl •  Good for reporting integer value •  Is it possible to read-callback handler? –  ioctl using another special file ‒ such as /dev/bhyve •  sysctl can handle only one value 11
  12. 12. Future work - 2•  Review the fields shown by vmmls command –  Number of vCPUs –  Disk files the VM is opening –  Networks –  Time •  How much CPU time the VM consumed? –  Memory status •  I m sure what lowmem and highmem means... –  Event counters? •  Such as counter of VMEXIT... •  Another program, such as vmmstat should be more better –  etc etc 12