Aruba Curacao and Antilles' News Story document transcript


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Aruba Curacao and Antilles' News Story document transcript

  1. 1. Aruba Curacao and the Antilles’ News StoryThe Natalee Holloway cover up and Antilles’alleged Criminal Banking BusinessEnterprise.Are they connected?It’s an absolute tragedy what happened to that Alabama teen. As the Hollowaystory recedesfurther away from our thoughts and those of the mainstream media, let us think about howand why the Aruban approach was handled in such an unusually callousmanner. Arubaand Curacao are now independent of the Antilles but still under Dutch rule. The Judges whohand down decisions on those Islandsare directly out of Holland and have etiquette wherethey are not to intermingle too personally with the locals keeping themselves from beinginfluenced.If you spend any time on the Island beyond that one week escape you begin to envision adifferent manner about these people. The younger workers are rather laid back like mostIsland people but also carry an air of cynicism and lack of enthusiasm uncommon to manywho live in what would be considered a paradise. The attitude of many of the workers isreflected best when you go to the local stores and stand in line for what seems like eternitywaiting for what would appearto besimple procedures. Many times in some of the storesyou will see workers standing and talking but you have to chase them down as they scatterwhile you are seeking help. If you have to deal with Dimas their immigration service youbecome quite astounded at the hurdles and runaround that you are presented with forwhat seems like very simple procedures that could easily be expedited. If you are anAmerican and use to that type service you will be exasperated and brought to the point ofanger as it looks to be almost intentional.The younger generation is telling you something. After spending time talking with theseyouth they present a picture of subtle futility or as one said “what is the use of trying.” Mostkids on that Island are sent off to College right out of High School to Holland or the US andfew return. Those that stay are faced with what seems like a system in place where there isa ceiling that even if you work hard and succeed there will be someone there to cut youback down. The cash businesses that you pay for have to be watched closely as they will tellyou one thing and not deliver. Many of these are Columbian or Venezuela native run whohave immigrated or are illegals working to eat and survive. The Aruban adults are quitegracious and hospitable. They are much like the Ozzie and Harriet’s of the US in the ‘60’s.
  2. 2. They would remind you of the Midwest farm families always with open doors and help youat the very moment you are in need.These adults also carry an air of caution about certain topics that are taboo and rarelyspoken about. Unless you are in Business or come into contact with the Banking sector ofthis Island you will miss what is at the crux of the issue they are facing. When Natalee methere tragic end here it really could have happened anywhere. What has brought so muchattention to this tragedy is the way the investigation was handled by the people who werepresented as the face of Aruba and saddled with the aftermath. It’s not unusual for anIsland that relies on Tourism to be cautious about this type of story and the light that wouldbe shown on them through the world press. What is unusual is the approach that wasengaged. You see these people are very highly educated. Many speak four or morelanguages quite fluently. It is not their manner as a people not to care for this teenager orher family.How did that decision happen wherean educated loving people on “One Happy Island”decide that it would be best to stonewall and put up a front that there’s no body no crime?It simply doesn’t make sense.Natalee was obviously there. There were classmates with herand actual pictures of her last night there at Carlos and Charlie’s. There was never reallyany question who she was with when she was last seen alive. What was the issue thatwould lead to such an act of obviousstonewalling? What should be asked is who wasmaking the decisions and from that you maybe can deductwhat maybe the real reason forthe stonewalling. There was never any real question if she was there and who she was withyet Vandersloot was let go? The faces the authorities put in front of the cameras were allcarrying the same uneasy approach as if they were being pushed to present a story thatwas not complete yet they were being told what to say. None of it looked true but surreal tothose watching or present. From that the press began to probe and dig deeper. It madethose in the decision making positions very uneasy. Soon there was a move to present thatevery rock had been overturned and there is simply nothing here, go home and we’ll callyou if we find anything.Why do you as an Island supposedly built on Tourism put on such a front of stonewallingwhere the results are immediately obvious to those watching that it was damaging theimage of the Island yet stay with that approach even to this day? Now that Vandersloot hasbeen caught after a second murder where the blood on his hands can be tied to thestonewalling of the authorities of Aruba and his releasetheir posture is still“One HappyIsland”? To this day Aruba tourism has never returned to the levels it enjoyed prior to theNataleetragedy.It has to be something bigger than a Blonde teenager was murdered as there was neverreally any question that something happened tragically to her. The authorities were hiding
  3. 3. something and it wasn’t the murder as it had already obviously had been committed.Unless you are an outsider with an escape route that gives you freedom to speak you wouldnever be allowed within this system to talk about it. After reading the written stories ofthe local business people you begin to understand there is a deceitful shadow systemthat is in place that seems to controlCommerce, Government, and Education, most ofthe Media and all important areas where decisions are made that is robbing theIsland and its economy that directly affects the people of Aruba and possibly theAntilles. The critical decisions seem to originate out of the Netherlands. The Bankingsector looks to have a controlled monopoly as the only source for funds. In that atmosphereanyone looking to enter into a business venture is relegated to their standard loanrequirements of a personal guarantee on all loans regardless of the equity you have as asecurity.The American investors have given me access to some of the evidence. There seems to bean overwhelming case in this information that the Banking system and how it operates inAruba and probably the Antilles is miles apart from how Banks in the western World andEuropean countries operate. From the evidence you can see that Aruba Bank acted in amanner that in the US would be considered questionable right from the beginning. Therecontinued pursuit of the plaintiff and collateral even to this day in the face of evidence thatseems to implicate them in multiple acts of alleged Banking fraud and alleged collusionwith the Renaissance with complete disregard of the law and contracts indicate they maybeabove the law or are the law.How can one Bank in a country act in this manner without attracting the attention of theregulatory authorities designed to keep entities that are powerful such as Banks fromstepping over the line? The truth is hidden to the borrower until they are already involvedand tied to a contract they have no way out of. In this case Aqua Spa and its investorsalways assumed that there were reasonable laws, an ethical Central Banking authoritywatching over the systeman adequate judicial system in place to protect them andattorneys that would judicially present the truth. It’s something you really shouldn’t needto question in a western world country such as Aruba or Curacao.In the Natalee Holloway cover up there was an indicator to the outside world thatsomething wasn’t right there on that Island of Aruba. Here lies the dirty little secret thatoutsiders are not supposed to know and insiders keep silent about for their ownsafety. This country is suspected from the evidence provided to have an allegedcriminal Business Banking systemallegedly run out of the Netherlands designed tosteal the wealth of anyone who enters into a contract with any of these entities onthis Island and possibly the rest of the Antilles. It is tapping the Island, its people andthe resources coming out of the Netherlands. The system in place allegedly runs allBusiness and Banks. It assures that nofinancial institution enters their system unless they
  4. 4. play by their rules. All interest rates are the same across the board with no competition,there are few and very lose regulations that govern the loans and protective language forthe borrower. They look to control the temporary political people that are elected whobecome subject to their authority upon taking office. All laws and regulations especiallyaround Banking are subject not to standard western world Banking procedures and lawbut to their desire. All Government contracts are at their discretion and go to those whoare in their favor. All attorneys on that Island are part of their system and if they want tohave business must play by theirrules or are frozen out.When the American investors began to investigate they were faced with the same type ofstonewalling as those that were searching for answers about Natalee. You see the locals arefearful of their wellbeing and those of their loved ones because the Banking- Businesssystem that controls commerce also controls theirlives. The Police, all GovernmentDepartments, Schools, Hospitals, the judicial system, the potential jobs your kids couldhave when they return and others are under their complete control. This for the locals islike being in an internment camp or prison where you are at the mercy of those that standguard over you waiting for you to step out of place.In that atmosphere those pushed in front of the TV and other media in the daysimmediately following the disappearance of Natalee were not allowed to speak freely. Theywere reduced to solders speaking for a system in place that controlled their lives. Theycould not state the truth but were given specific things to say all designed to protect thesystem. Throughtheir presentation the system was allowed to stay intact, the Arubanssuffered the most and the real decision makers allegedly in the Netherlands and theirmoney stream remainsin place. Their main money stream is rumored to originate from theDrugs shipped through their duty free container ports, Guns and contraband that returns toSouth America from Europe and the money laundering that all Banks in the Caribbean areenticed with.Ultimately it will be the judicial system that will decide what happens to Aruba and theAntilles. It must rise to a tolerable level of integrity and take its rightful place where allcountries that call themselves a democracy reside. As long as this Banking Cartel allegedlydirected out of the Netherlands stays in control and accepted Banking procedures andregulations are disregarded do not look for any change. If the rumored money source is thelaundering than the tourism and those that work in it will suffer but the real money streamwill stay intact as “One Happy Island” and its imprisoned population is kept under thatveiled threat don’t tell anyone what is really happening here or you will face theconsequences.