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Adme zrii sign up process


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Adme zrii sign up process

  1. 1. ADME/Zrii Sign Up Process Who presented the business for you? If it was someone other than your enroller they MUST go here!Choose this foryour first 2 people.After that you canuse either. You can choose any products that you want. If you would like a 7 day detox you can choose Purify. If you would like to lose weight you can choose Achieve Meal Replacement. The ADME system is based on the Zrii Amalaki but you do not have to choose just that. The products are sold in “Packs” that offer volume discounts as well! The most cost effective choice would be our $65 Zrii 2 pack.
  2. 2. ADME/Zrii Sign Up Process By clicking on the “Additional Products” dropdown you will see the 2 bottles of Zrii! A bottle of Zrii is purported to contain 25 oz. but because every bottle is filled to the absolute brim there is actually 28 oz. This really tells you all you need to know about CEO Bill Farley and Dr. Chopra…always over delivering! 2 bottles will give one person more than enough to do our 1.5 and Thrive! Enjoy!
  3. 3. ADME/Zrii Sign Up Process One time fee makes you a member. You can now buy wholesale!Here you will By clicking on theChoose the day Auto Ship Productsof the month that dropdown you willyou want your product be able to choose the to be shipped! 2 bottles of Zrii! There is weight loss challenge the offers $250K in prizes every year. Need to lose weight? Check it out! Choosing an Auto Ship Product is required when signing up. You will be able to choose when it is shipped every month and can cancel it anytime! Choosing at least a $65 Auto Ship is necessary to keep you Qualified to receive commissions. By doing this, you are paying wholesale and helping the company control inventory which helps keep prices down and commissions up! Yay for Auto Ship!
  4. 4. ADME/Zrii Sign Up Process You must input this information because this is a 1099 business!You now have a real business! With that comes all the benefitsof business ownership, meaning tax write offs! This can meanthousands of dollars back to you just for conducting businesswith the ADME Health and Wealth Team! This absolutely makesthis an immediately profitable venture for you!
  5. 5. ADME/Zrii Sign Up Process This will be your login to get into your back office. Your username will be your 7 digit ID # which you will receive when sign up is complete. This will give you your website, back office and make the sign up process for your people seamless. These are the main reasons we want everyone to have this important feature. That’s It!You will get a confirmation page and your website will be set up!