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170902 hatsumeijuku in_eng

Brief Introduction of English, by Takahisa KUSUURA, Founder.

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170902 hatsumeijuku in_eng

  1. 1. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp Brief introduction of Hatsumeijuku (発明塾紹介:英語版) By Takahisa KUSUURA(楠浦 崇央), Founder
  2. 2. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp Introduction This material consists of 3 parts; ✔ About myself, “Takahisa Kusuura” ✔ About my team for invention, “Hatsumeijuku” ✔ About my company for Invention, Patent Developing, and Education, “TechnoProducer Corp.” If you have some question, please feel free to contact me. Best Regards, Takahisa KUSUURA 2
  3. 3. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp Founder Takahisa KUSUURA
  4. 4. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp Takahisa Kusuura -1997 Kyoto-Univ. Graduate School of Energy Science and Engineering 1997-2002 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. R&D Division of Motorcycle Engine Engaged in product development of “W650”, “Ninja ZX10-R” and many engines 2002-2004 Komatsu, Ltd. Department of Wind Turbine Business Development 2004-2008 Nanotechnology Start-Up “Scivax Corp”, Founder/CTO 2008- TechnoProducer Corp, Founder/CEO 2008-2012 Top10 Inventor of the world @Xinova, that is world wide inventor’s network & invention fund, previously known as Intellectual Ventures. Provided hundreds of IP/Invention in the field of Mechanics, Material, Electronics, Energy Device, etc. 2010 Founded “Hatsumeijuku” for the student of Kyoto-Univ. 4
  5. 5. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp Top8 Inventor in Asia(2008)@Xinova 5 I got an award as a Top 8 Inventor in Asia @Xinova, that is world wide inventor’s network & invention fund, previously known as Intellectual Ventures LLC. Xinova/Intellectual Ventures LLC was founded by Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft's former CTO, who is also a famous inventor and cooking enthusiast.
  6. 6. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp My Invention Style is “Propheting Invention” ✔ I had been ranked in Top 10 Inventors @Xinova from 2008 to 2012. ✔ I was invited the Special Invention MTG held by Xinova, at which Top Inventors met together from all over the world, at 2010, 2011, 2012. ✔ My invention method is so called “Propheting Invention” method. Nathan Myhrvold, the founder of Xinova/Intellectual Ventures, pointed out that, when I discussed about the invention method with him. ✔ “Propheting Invention” method is Approximately the following procedure, - Predict or imagine what the ideal future of the society, specific industry, technology… - Thinking about what is needed in the future like above - Thinking about what the barriers(problems) are for realization of what is needed in the future. - Invent to solve the problem ✔ I predict/imagine the ideal future by analyzing patent information & investment trend/IR information. 6
  7. 7. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp My Invention Style is mainly “Invent to Order” ✔ I sold over 300 inventions to patent/invention funds and enterprises. ✔ I always invent upon requests from clients. ✔ The invention request is like below, - Need invention about VR/AR which will be realized for next 10-20 yrs. - Need invention about the applications of “Specific Technology” (eg. DNA editing technology) which will be realized for next 10-20 yrs. - Need invention about the specific technology which will be realized by “Target Company”(eg. Google) for next 10-20 yrs. ✔ The term for inventing is about 3-4 month. ✔ There are a few case that we make proposal about the invention which is already invented. ✔ I always invent through the discussions with my team ”Hatumeijuku”, which is composed mainly of university students and partly of professionals/entrepreneurs. 7
  8. 8. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp Hatsumeijuku (Team for Invention)
  9. 9. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp I founded Hatsumeijuku at 2010 for inventing more and more. 9 I organized the team for Invention, named “Hatsumeijyuku” at 2010. I have been running Hatsumeijuku for 8 yrs(since2010) and members invented hundreds of invention.
  10. 10. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp ”Hatumeijuku” is composed mainly of university students ✔ Since 2010 ✔ 3-10 members(8yrs average) ✔ Members are mainly university students, and partly university researchers, SOHO’s and entrepreneurs. ✔ Discussing every week, usually 3hrs. ✔ Invention topics depends on the timing, because we always invent according to “orders” from clients. ✔ In the past, we invent in the field of Nanotechnology, Water Management(recycling, water quality monitoring), Robotics, Spinal Surgery Tools, VR/AR, Water Repellent Paint, Energy Storage Device, Easy Construction Materials, Flexible Display, and more. ✔ Some of the members join to invent, develop and make business, and Some join only to invent. ✔ Background of members are widely diversified. (botanical science, mechanical engineering, software science, energy science, accounting, economics, business and more) 10
  11. 11. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp TechnoProducer.Corp (My Company)
  12. 12. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp TechnoPrducer Corp. Business Domain ✔ Education about IP/Invention ✔ Support for IP-Development/Invention ✔ Patent & IR information research CEO 楠浦 崇央(Kusuura Takahisa) History 2008 Founded TechnoProducer Corp. Started IP-Search service. 2010 Founded “Hatsumeijuku” 2011 Started “Patent Development” and “Invention” Support Service, called as “Hatsumeijuku” 2014 Developed e-Hatsumeijuku as “Patent Development Tool” and “Invention Tool”, not only IP-Education Tool 2017 Number of Clients reached at 196 Company 12
  13. 13. Copyright© 2017 TechnoProducer Corp About Our Biz. Domain ● About Idea-Creation ✔ Idea for problem solution ✔ Idea for IP(mainly patent) ✔ Name of Product/Service for Trademark ● About IP-Development ✔ Develop premature Ideas to Patentable Idea ● About Education ✔ e-Hatsumeijuku (e-learning about how to invent and about IP) ✔ Publishing IP-education material ✔ Investment Education (Now in preparation) 13