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tracey hawaii

  1. 1. Language Culture Hawaiian remains the language of the heart and soul. The language sways like a Traditional Hawaiian culture and the Hawaii customs of Hawaii’s ethnically diverse palm tree in a gentle wind. Its words are immigrants are an integral part of the as melodious as a love song. Hawaiian is social fabric. This is not simply a place a polynesian language spoken where east meets west, but a place throughout the inhabited Hawaiian where the cultures merge in a manner Islands. In the nineteenth century it which seems to bring out the best in all became a written language and was the of them. The revival of traditional Hawaii language of the Hawaiian government culture has seen an explosion of the and the people with the subjugation of Hula hulas (schools) and many Hawaiian Hawaii under the rule of the United artist and craft people are resuming to States in 1898. Hawaiian was replaced traditional mediums and themes such as and English became the official language. the tupa weaving, quilt making and the creation of colourful art. Aloha aina means love of the land it is profound Hawaii is a lovely island it is great respect we have for Hawaii and the care to go there for a holiday but we take to protect our islands. Hawaii is very hot as well so you have to look after your skin. The population in Hawaii is 1,262,840 and heaps of American people live there because of the waves on the beaches. People who live in Hawaii talk Hawaiian and English. By: Tracey Potter
  2. 2. History Art Food The Hawaiians favourite food is The lovely Islands were discovered by Hawaiian art is a basic art with the pineapple because its nice juicy the Polynesians, who gave them the heaps of decoration. Most and healthy so you can eat as much name Hawaii. When Captain Cook Hawaiian people use feathers and as you want and you won’t get fat. discovered Hawaii, he renamed the shapes to decorate their art which The traditional Hawaiians food is Island’s and called them the Sandwich is mostly the colours black and poi. Its made out of water, raw Island’s. Captain Cook is the man who green. corn fish bait and vegetables. was killed by natives in a big Island dispute at Kealakekua Bay, near Kona. The macadamia trees were first planted in Hawaii in January 1, 1953. Sport Clothes Hawaiians clothes are big, colourful On a hot summers day the and flowery. The women wear Hawaiians like to play a nice game dresses and the men wear blue or of American football. But their red tops. The Hawaiians clothes favourite sport is surfing which is are baggy so the wind can fly up the best. their clothes and cool them down.