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NZ Myths & Legends webquest

A compilation WebQuest based on NZ Myths & Legends

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NZ Myths & Legends webquest

  1. 1. Myths & Legends WEBQUESTRes ea rch & De sign
  2. 2. How much do you know about Myths & Legends?Myths and legends are found inevery culture all around theworld.They may involve a hero and avillain on a quest (legend) orabout how something cam to be(myth).
  3. 3. The TaskYou will need to work with a partner to:Find out what are common forms of memorabilia that: share factual information about topics; is easy to create; can be swapped; is student appropriate and appeals to all ages,so you can create your own piece of commemorativememorabilia.
  4. 4. The Process1. Find out what memorabilia means.2. Have a look at some of these sites. Site 1 Site 2 Site 33. Design your memorabilia to represent a topic within Myths & Legends (discuss what sub-topics or groups these could be with your partner). You may want to design one A4 size first.4. Create a selection of your design.
  5. 5. ResourcesSites found hereNZ Myth & Legends sites: Common ThemesVolcanoes Birds Earthquakes 3 Maori Myths &Legends Taniwha Maori CreationTo design & publish: Software Programmes, e.g.Comic Life, PagesArt supplies
  6. 6. Evaluation Excellent Good Fair Score 10 pts 6 pts 3 pts Number of 5 and more 3-5 2 or less Memorabilia Two sided, Layout & Legible, Effective Two sided, One sided, Presentation Illegible. Border illegible use of colourYour success of your Graphics High quality. Ideal size and Good quality. Good size. Poor quality (pixelated etc).webquest will be placement Placement OK. Placement OKbased on the Contains 3-5 Contains 0-2 Facts Contains 5+ facts facts facts.following rubric. Spelling & Punctuation No errors 1-3 errors 4 or more errors Has a title of Has a title of Title project and of project OR card Has NO title card subject subject TOTAL
  7. 7. ConclusionTrade or Swap with other class members.What have you learnt about New Zealand myths &legends?Read some more myths and legends from NewZealand and around the world.