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Japan 4 Liam


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Japan 4 Liam

  1. 1. Easter Islands real A Moai is a stone name is Rapanui. head. The reason that it is The Moai’s have called Easter Island stone ahus that help is because the first the Moai to stand not native person upright. first landed there on Easter Island’s heads an Easter Sunday. were said to be Easter Island Easter Islands made out of closest neighbor is volcanic rock. Chile. Easter Island has three existent volcanos called Trevveka Pokie Moais Rano Kau. Researched and created by Harrison Orsboure
  2. 2. Easter Island has no Easter Island is in the proper house’s because it south of the Pacific is a canoe tipped upside ocean. down and little mini stone Easter Island is just statues that guard the south of USA. house. Easter Island has People in Easter Island around 2000 people built over 1000 Moais, Rongorongo. living in the country. that was when the food was running out. In Easter Island the Moais are around In Easter Island there was the out side of the an old type of writing Island, but some are called Rongorongo which in the Island. is writing on rocks that have carves in the rocks.