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Homework T1wk1


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Homework T1wk1

  1. 1. MAUNGAREI TEAM HOMEWORK Weeks 2&3 Term 1 DUE: Friday 19th February 2010 SPELLING Reading See the Homework Expectations. See the Homework Expectations. Practice your spelling words every night. Read every night and record it in your Reading Log. Show at least one example of how you practised your words each week! Read a chapter book or a Reader from your teacher if Code 1 required. Code 1 WWW.MATHLETICS.CO.NZ Visit the Mathletics website every weeknight Me and practice your basic facts against worthy Design an Interview that opponents and the world…… you could use with your And complete your set tasks and go for Bronze or Silver or Gold!!! classmate that will give us You need 1,000 points each week!!! The Ocean Teachers will be checking!!!!  Our schools focus for term 1 and 2 is The Ocean Code1 and Us so choose an aspect of the Ocean that you are interested in and research it thoroughly. You could be the class expert in this area! You need to RESEARCH your topic and then decide on the most important FACTS to share in your presentation. (Remember to write this information in your own words.) You will probably want to add some PICTURES or diagrams as well to make your presentation interesting for the people reading it. Try not to use bullet points but put your information into paragraphs. Remember do your Best Work! Code 2 Art: Digital Photography Theme: “This is New Zealand” Take a photograph based on this theme. It Can Be Black and white or colour. Make it a5 size. Print it and put it in your homework book. Please do not glue it in!!!