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Published in: Lifestyle, Education
  • Geckos are wonderful!
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  1. 1. Geckos By Baldeep
  2. 2. What family does the gecko belong to? Geckos are small to average sized lizards belonging to the family Gekkonidae which are found in warm climates throughout the world. Geckos are unique among lizards in sounds they make.
  3. 3. How can Geckos walk upside down? Geckos can race up a polished glass at a meter per second and support their body weight from a wall with a single toe. This is due to the millions of tiny hairs found on their toes. These tiny hairs are called Van Der Waals forces, which allow the gecko’s feet to stick to almost any surface. If a gecko used all of its tiny hairs at a time, it could support up to 280 pounds.
  4. 4. How many different types of species of geckos are there? There are more then 1,196 different spacies of geckos. They are all over the world.
  5. 5. What do geckos eat? Geckos eat a lot of insects and sometimes they even eat some fruit.
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