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The Indian tsunami warning system


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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The Indian tsunami warning system

  1. 1. The Indian tsunami warning system s1180212 Taisuke Kasai
  2. 2. About the tsunami warning system● The tsunami warning system is a tool to warn people a big tsunami and evacute people from the big wave.● Thanks to the tsunami warnig system, people being or living coastal region can safety escape from the big wave.● There is the tsunami warning early system in India● Lets know the system from the Indian system.
  3. 3. In India before 2004● There werent tools monitoring a big tsunami happening and warning people being or living coastal region, and agencies doing them.● At that time, the people were on the lookout for a big wave.● If the people want to knew things happening in 2004, they were on the lookout for a big wave.
  4. 4. In India in 2004● The Indian tsunami came the India coast and killed 230,000 people in India.● They had not prepared countermeasures and been the lookout against a tsunami, people could not defend to kill many people by the tsunami.● But the people began to create the tsunamiwarning system from the tsunami accidents.
  5. 5. After coming the tsunami in 2004● They have created them on the five years rom 2004. ○ A large network of seismograph centres ○ National warning centres or agencies ○ Coastal and deep-ocean stations● The centres, agencies and stations are needed by the tsunami warning system.● How do they work in the tsunami warning system?
  6. 6. The mechanism of the tsunami warning system (1)● The tsunami warning system large network includes ○ The Pacific Tsunami Warning (PTWC) in Hawaii ○ The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)● The tsunami warning system use data coming from them as information that the system let people being and living coastal region.
  7. 7. The mechanism of the tsunami warning system (2)● The system is needed people working well.● So there are the agencies of the tsunami warning system.● The national warning system is the function to let people the information.● If there isnt the centre, the system cannot send the information● The coastal and deep-ocean station is used to collect the tsunami information.
  8. 8. Finally, in this slide● If Indian watched out and prepare countermeasures against a tsunami before 2004, many people killed by a tsunami can be reduced.● But people examined theirself, and they began to create the Indian tsunami warning system after 2004.● The tsunami warning system is very important to evacuate people from a tsunami.